Tuition prices going back to normal… Ammo is back on the shelves (mostly) !

CFS & APH Course 4/13, New Jersey.

Back in January, I.C.E. Training Company proactively reduced by tuition costs and ammunition requirements for  all classes because of the impending ammunition crisis being caused by the panic buying in the wake of the Newtown, CT Killings and the growing firestorm of political anti-gun action.

6 months later, ammunition is returning back to the retail stores and we’reapproaching the end of one of our busiest Spring Training Seasons ever… with plenty of full classes and very few studentsneeding assistance with ammunition issues.

CFS Course, 4/13, New Hampshire.


It was completely understandable that, during this past winter, many people were hesitant to commit to training or were concerned about expending large amounts of ammunition. Looking at course registrations and talking to students and industry professionals from around the country has me convinced that the crisis has passed.

CFS Course, Rochester, NY.


We are going to officially keep are ammunition requirements at their current numbers, although most of our students have

CFS, 5/13, Tennessee
Dynamic Focus Shooting Course, 6/13, Minnesota.

shown up to classes with the old minimums and many courses have used the standard round counts.As of June 20th, however, we will be returning out tuition costs back to normal. At I.C.E. we have tried to keep our prices as steady as possible over the years and I believe that our tuition rates are very fair and present an incredible value to our students. We will also continue assist those few students who truly cannot acquire the necessary ammunition to complete a course.

I am making the announcement today so that those who have been “on the fence” about signing up for any of our courses have a few days to get in on the Ammunition Price Increase Sale before it ends!

Thanks to all of our students and supporters!!



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