Record Number of Combat Focus© Shooting Courses Scheduled for 2014


CFS_Logo_GreenI am proud to announce that there are a record number of   Combat Focus© Shooting Courses scheduled for 2014. CFS is an Intuitive Defensive Shooting program appropriate for students with any level of prior firearms experience. I am incredibly proud of what CFS has grown into and the team of instructors that we’ve built. Certified CFS Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, including sport shooting, military & law enforcement, teaching and other professions.

The Courses will take place in more than 25 cities all across the United States.

The latest version of CFS Information in print and DVD, "Evolution 2010"
The latest version of CFS Information in print and DVD, “Evolution 2010”

Combat Focus© has18 courses scheduled in January, 20 in February, 18 in March and even more throughout the rest of the year. For a full schedule, check the calendar.

CFS has been continually evolving for over a decade since the first formal course was offered in Colorado in 2003 (Learn the Combat Focus© background story here). A large part of that evolution has come from the diversity in the CFS Instructor Cadre. The group includes veterans of the shooting world, such as Grant Cunningham as well as relative newcomers who have developed their own following, such as Matt Devito & Paul Carlson. There are also a number of young instructors with military backgrounds who have taken to the program over the past few years. US Navy Chief Omari Broussard, owner of 10X Defense, is currently the senior certified instructor and he began running CFS Instructor Development courses on his own in 2013. Marine Corps Veteran Deryck Poole works for I.C.E. Training Company as the Instructor Liaison for all outside instructor activities. Certificates for all CFS Students are issued by I.C.E. Training Company through the active instructors who teach the course.

CFS is much bigger than just ‘Taking a Rob Pincus Class” and the training community is realizing that. We now get far more students every year taking CFS from Certified Instructors around the country than I personally spend time with on a range. The future of the program is in the hands of our instructors, which is why it is not easy to become a certified CFS Instructor… nor is it easy to maintain Active Status in the program.

Combat Focus Shooting Course in Worcester, MA.

The Combat Focus© Shooting Program currently has a total of 47 active instructors scheduled to teach the classes around the US in the private sector. There are also dozens of additional instructors who have been certified to teach in their military or law enforcement units and agencies. We have been certifying outside instructors through a demanding development process since 2006. Approximately one third of these instructors are primarily engaged in the firearms industry, while many are part time instructors. Many of the CFS Instructors run their own training companies that are active regionally or nationally. Certified CFS Instructors also teach the “Dynamic Focus Shooting” program at all Gander Mountain Academy locations nationwide.

Historically, only slightly more than half of the candidates for certification successfully complete the process. The next Instructor Development Course will be held in February in Ohio. After the successfully completion of the tests that follow the Instructor Development Course, new instructors must team teach with an experienced instructor before achieving Active Status. Continuing education and professional development for CFS Instructors is done through team teaching, monthly conference calls & online interaction and an annual training conference which has been conducted since 2008.

Combat Focus© Shooting offers a book and a DVD as well as many online articles and video clips that share the philosophy, concepts and techniques that are core to the program. Learn more about  I.C.E. Training at the company website. Visit I.C.E. Store to register for courses, purchase the Combat Focus Shooting book & DVD and much more!

CFS_ChipI want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you all for the support of I.C.E. Training and our projects in 2013. 2014 is going to be even better!

-Rob Pincus

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