Tactical Athlete Pull-up Program: Complete DVD Available FREE !

ake Advantage of this Special Offer for I.C.E. Training Company Clients 

Jeff Martone’s simple Tactical Athlete Pull-Up System is some of the best information you can get on building upper body strength for a variety of defensive applications. He’s making his Entire TAPS 1 DVD available online to I.C.E. Training Company clients… Take advantage of this offer today:

TAPS 1 DVD Series

The Tactical Athlete Pull-up System DVD will teach you how to pull your own weight and then some… Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, a fighter or fitness enthusiast this is a must have program. Jeff Martone will take you from base strength to strength endurance and finally to explosive strength and stamina. These are all crucial skills to master, especially if you are going into harms way!

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