Holiday Safety and Security Tips… a collection from various sources.

This is the time of year for Holiday Safety and Security Tips. Rather than give you a re-hashed presentation of the same ‘ol tips, I thought this year, I’d give you a collection of links to thoughts from a variety of resources. While I may not advocate every individual tip you’ll find at these links myself, I respect all the sources and certainly stand behind their general thoughts on personal defense and home security. There’s a ton of great info linked below, rather than try to digest it all, maybe bookmark this page and come back for a new link every few days. Or, maybe assign various links to your family members and then you can all take turns sharing highlights at meals over the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget that this is a time of year that people are open to new ideas that actually have very little specific application to “The Holidays” and might serve them well all year long. Safety and Security rules don’t really change with the seasons… but, I believe that you can find some very valuable information in these seasonal pieces:


“These Holiday Season Security Tips really apply regardless the time of year but with the holidays it’s easier to get caught up in the festivities as well as providing more opportunities for those who look to do harm.”




New-Color-SSA-red-Oval-blue-wText-1030x4178 Holiday Safety Tips: Helping you and your family have a safe holiday season -Paul Carlson

“The “Holiday Season” is in full swing and no matter what holidays you celebrate this time of year tends to be filled with happiness and joy. Unfortunately, there can be situations that arise that are far from pleasant. We certainly can’t live our lives expecting the worst, however, when we can take simple steps to avoid negative consequences we should.”



“Generally speaking, a house that looks easier to succeed at a break-in without getting caught will be hit first. During the holiday season while you are out picking up last minute Christmas gifts, others are shopping house to house for the easier ones. Even when you’re not home, it is important to give the appearance that someone is.”



“The first thing to do is to take a deep breath and relax. While crime rates do go up this time of the year, it’s no reason to get paranoid and turn every outing or activity into a military operation complete with ops, comms, and extraction plans. Take sensible precautions and involve the rest of the family!”



Personal Security Conversation on Armed America Radio, December 2013 -Rob Pincus & Mark Walters

IMG_5194.JPGThwarting ‘porch pirates’: Tips to secure holiday deliveries -LoHud


…In case no one is expected to be home to receive packages, and there are no neighbors to rely on, shoppers can request couriers to leave them in a “less conspicuous spot, such as a side door or behind a planter or garbage can,”…





1 thought on “Holiday Safety and Security Tips… a collection from various sources.”

  1. Make the best plan you can. Avoid improvisation as much as possible. PLAN AHEAD!!

    If I know that I might be having a drink at a party, I discuss it with my wife and she may carry a primary defensive tool and I may pocket the pepper spray. We may decide that it is not worth the risk and perhaps it would be best to avoid alcohol consumption all together.

    Identify the escape routes when you arrive at the venue. Make sure the whole family is aware of them. What is the code word? If one of us says “Insert Code Word Here”, the we all drop what we are doing, ask no questions and evacuate.

    Even a half-assed plan is better than no plan at all, but keeping your plan to yourself is a set up for failure. Involve your loved ones in “the plan” and enjoy the Holidays!

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