I.C.E. Claw™ Rear Sights now available for M&P Pistols!

I.C.E. Claw™ Emergency Manipulation rear sights are now available for full size and compact Smith & Wesson M&P pistols.

While the “one handed manipulations” are the niche aspect of these rear sights, the truth is that I designed them to be what I think is the perfect defensive rear sight… Wide Rear Notch, Plain Black. Perfectly paired with the Lumi-Square. We’ve gotten great feedback from many people on the I.C.E. Claw™ design, in regard to both aspects of the design. The Glock model has been available since late last year and the M&P was added to the I.C.E. Training Company Online Store this week!

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The reason that the Lumi-Square is the perfect front sight to be paired with  the  I.C.E. Claw™ (with or without night sight insert) is that it maintains the the relationship between the square notch on the rear sight and the front sight. Because the bright paint fills almost the entire surface area of the front sight, it allows for very fast focus and alignment without giving up any of the inherent precision capability of the “notch & blade” sight design. The  I.C.E. Claw™ rear has a very wide rear notch to allow for fast alignment under various lighting & contract conditions. Too often, when designers have tried to make sights “faster” to use, they have strayed too far from the actual primary purpose of sights in the first place: to increase precision capability, when necessary.

Of course, the primary difference unique feature of  the  I.C.E. Claw™ Rear Sight is the concave leading edge that allows for efficient manipulation of the slide to the rear for one-handed reloads or malfunction clearing. This unique design creates excellent contact between the rear sight and a holster, belt, corner of a pocket or other stable surface until the slide reaches full rear-ward movement, then easily slides off that edge as the shooter continues their process. Of course,  keep in mind that one-handed malfunction clearing is an advanced pistol handling issue… always keep your finger somewhere other than the trigger and keep the muzzle pointed towards the ground or other safe backstop when practicing. Unless you are under the supervision of a qualified instructor, it is always recommended that this skill is developed with inert ammunition/dummy rounds.

The new I.C.E. Claw™ Rear Sights for Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols are now at the I.C.E. Training Company Online Store, alone (to be paired with any standard height front sight) or as a set with the bright, crisp Lumi-Square Front. You can purchase them HERE, along with other I.C.E. Claw™ pistol accessories.



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