Omari Broussard leads his first CFS Instructor Development Course

CFSID_Omari_teachThis week begins a new era in the Combat Focus® Shooting program.

This week, Omari Broussard is leading the first CFS Instructor Development Course in the 10 year history of the program that is not being taught by Rob Pincus, the program’s founder.

Like any successful and popular training program, CFS has outgrown it’s original sphere of influence and instructor staff and there are far more people interested in teaching the program than can be facilitated by just one person. Over the past 5 years, the number of active CFS Instructors teaching in the private sector has more that doubled. As interest in defensive firearms training in the United States grows and the shooting community recognizes more and more that programs designed specifically for defensive training are what they need to be looking for, Combat Focus® Shooting has naturally become one of the most popular programs in the country.

CFS_DVD_coverIn the past, a small handful of Instructors have assisted Rob Pincus in teaching CFS Instructor Development, but none have ever lead a CFSID on their own. Omari Broussard was first introduced to CFS Methodology and the I.C.E. Training Company approach by John Brown, one of the first CFS Instructors, in 2004. Since that time, Omari has studied, integrated and taught CFS and related Principles around the globe. In his career in the US Navy (Omari currently serves near San Diego, CA) and in the private sector, Omari has taught from the beginning level of personal defense through Tier One military personnel.

Broussard teaching during his time as lead instructor for Visit Board Search and Seizure (HVBSS) Team 1.
Broussard teaching during his time as lead instructor for Visit Board Search and Seizure (HVBSS) Team 1.

“Omari has taken ownership of the CFS material and I.C.E. Training Company principles,” said Pincus. “He has become a true leader in the training industry and is incredibly respected in our CFS Community. There is no doubt that he understands the program and how to teach it as well as anyone on the planet. He also has an ability to lead and develop others that stands out… being a Chief in the US Navy probably doesn’t hurt in that regard. For all those reasons and others, I am confident that he is the right guy for this next step in the Evolution of CFS.”

CFSID_OmariOmari Broussard takes the lead today in Delaware, OH at the NASR Five Star Rated Black Wing Shooting Center. Over the past five years, Black Wing has become the hub of I.C.E. Training Company’s programs in the midwest. Andy Loeffler, Lead Instructor at BWSC, CFS Instructor and Master Instructor for I.C.E.’s Defensive Firearm’s Coach program is hosting this week’s course, which is being attended by 10 candidates from 5 states. The candidates have all been through CFS end user courses and several are certified Defensive Firearms Coaches. One of the attendees was previously certified as a CFS Instructor, but has not been active and is back for a refresher and to get back to active status. Active CFS Instructor Chris Benavidez (IN) is also attending this week’s course as a refresher and to mentor the new candidates. For the past two years, every CFSID Course has been attended by at least one currently Active CFS Instructor looking for updates or to increase their depth of understanding of the program.

CFS_Logo_GreenThe CFS Instructor Development process is unique in the industry as a true teaching program. The course is 80% classroom lecture, teaching demonstrations and interactive discussion sessions. Unlike many traditional “instructor development” classes which are really just high level end user shooting courses, the only time spent on the range during CFSID is done for the sake of practicing to run the drills that will be run during the course. CFSID Develops and Evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand and teach the program, not their ability to shoot. “I could care less about our instructor’s ability to shoot… I want them to be able to teach others to defend themselves or their families with firearms and explain why we teach what we teach,” says Pincus, who is sitting in on part of the first two days of this week’s CFSID before heading down to Houston where he will be a featured speaker at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting.
“When I obtained certification in 2007, I never thought of actually teaching instructor development.  Now I have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained of the last


8-9 years to the next generation of CFS Instructors”, said Omari about the opportunity to lead CFSID. Omari owns and operates 10X Defense in California, a full service defensive training company that offers firearms, unarmed and fitness program at locations all around the country.