Rob Pincus speaks on Self Defense Training At Fire Chiefs’ Symposium


Naples, Florida – Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company recently spoke on Counter Ambush and Self Defense Training at VCOSthe sold out Volunteer and Combination Officer’s Section of the International Fire Chief’s Association Symposium in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Pincus’ curriculum included how first responders should train for personal defense, as well as including armed options. Pincus also taught valuable tools and adaptations of armed defense for the unarmed. Emergency responders learned techniques to reach effectively in threatening situations.

“With the increase of firefighters and EMT’s responding to hostile situations, we recognized the need to better train our responders to handle such incidents.  Typically, we let law enforcement secure the scene first, but we can’t always predict when things will turn on our crews,” said Eddie Buchanan, Division Chief of VCOS Conference Planning Committee.“We received lots of great feedback on Pincus’ presentation, and many of our chiefs commented that they hadn’t considered defensive training for first responders before, but were going home to start work on it immediately.”

“Much thanks to the International Association of Fire Chiefs for the opportunity to speak at their 20th Annual VCOS Training Symposium,” Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program. “I applaud their community for directly addressing issues of personal defense while on the job. Threats to personal safety must be addressed wherever and whenever they exist, not just in our ‘off duty’ time.”

Each fall, the VCOS Symposium addresses the unique needs of volunteer and combination departments including transitioning from a volunteer to a combination department, recruitment and retention, leadership and management, staffing and more.


About I.C.E. Training Company

I.C.E. Training is a full service company offering training to armed professionals and those interested in self-defense. I.C.E. is owned and operated by Rob Pincus, the developer of the COMBAT FOCUS® Shooting program and The Personal Defense Video DVD Series. I.C.E. offers training in firearms, tactics and unarmed defense as well as consulting services for range operations, instructor development and training program management. For more information about I.C.E. Training Company, visit



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