Sheepdog Seminars Weekend in Orlando: Grossman & Pincus

I am very proud to announce that I will be part of a Sheepdog Seminars weekend event in Orlando, FL on November 16th & 17th.

Back in March, we announced that I was invited by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Ken Murray to join the Sheepdog Seminars Team. Over the past several months, Regional CFS Instructors have been attending Lt. Col. Grossman’s Restoring Responsibility Tour events around the country and offering training opportunities to attendees, as well as sharing information about defensive shooting skill development. While it has taken us some time to get our schedules to synchronize, the intention has always been that Grossman and I would be presenting information together during “Sheepdog Weekends” at various locations. November will mark the inaugural event!

BPM_grossmanOn Saturday, Nov. 16th, Lt. Col Grossman will be presenting his Bulletproof Mind concepts and explaining the core fundamentals of what the “Restoring Responsibility Tour” is all about.

The Restoring Responsibility Tour and the Bullet Proof Mind® seminar was developed to help police and military personnel come to terms with the mental aspects of deadly encounters. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, former West Point professor of psychology and author of the Pulitzer prize nominated book On Killing and it’s companion book On Combat now brings this vital information to mainstream America. More and more, citizens of this nation have come to realize that when things go horribly wrong, the time it takes for the police to mobilize and respond is often too late. Lives are lost. Others are forever shattered.
•The truth about the explosion of violence in America – think things are getting better? think again …
•What it takes to be a warrior capable of stopping multiple attackers and mass-murdering lunatics …
•The hidden truth about lethal combat …
•How the body responds to a violent attack, and what you can do now to ensure your body responds the right way …
•How to prepare your spouse for an attack …
•The New Killer of the 21st Century, and why most people aren’t willing to talk about it …
•Important drills that NOBODY practices that would save countless lives …
•Who is Teaching Our Kids To Kill? Find out now so YOU can put a stop to it!


CA_table-600x582On Sunday, Nov. 17th, I will be presenting Counter Ambush concepts. These are the core ideas behind I.C.E. Training Company’s approach to personal defense and the focus of my Counter Ambush book and Home Study Course .

Topics that will be covered include:

  • How will your body react when startled or attacked?
  • What are your body’s natural defenses and how can you fully take advantage of them?
  • What defensive shooting techniques work best under stress?
  • How can you use the power of Recognition to respond more efficiently?
  • How can you set yourself up to survive an unexpected attack?
  • The Counter Ambush Home Study Course will answer all these questions and more as you learn about the Neuroscience, Physics and Physiology of training for personal defense.

The Counter Ambush seminar consists of five  lecture sessions and leaves plenty of room for Question and Answer to address topics specific to attendee’s concerns. The section headings are:

1. Understanding the Need for Counter Ambush Training

2. The Neuroscience of Counter Ambush Training

3. The Physiology of Counter Ambush Training

4. The Physics of Intuitive Defensive Shooting

5. Developing a Counter Ambush Training Program


It is a great honor to be working with Lt. Col. Grossman, an icon in the training community, and to be a part in building the Sheepdog Seminars!

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