What does violence look like?

I received a link to this video clip, from a “nanny-cam”, early this morning. It is graphic. It is disturbing. It is what violence looks like.

It is violence for the sake of violence… It is not over quickly. There is no “fight” going on. It is the kind of thing that I.C.E. Training Company refers to as a Dynamic Critical Incident. It was surprising, the victim did not know it was going to happen. It was Chaotic, the victim did not know what would happen next. And, of course, it was Threatening, someone involved wanted to hurt the victim.

What the Video of this daytime Home Invasion before reading further.

If you didn’t know why I put out the information I do in regard to personal & home defense in venues other than my own Facebook page and gun forums; if you don’t know why I have been calling in to at least a few morning radio shows every week to talk about personal defense; if you didn’t know why the School Attacker Response Course is being offered entirely for free:  This is why:

There are people in the world who don’t really think  violence like this could occur in their house or be brought against their mom, their wife, their girlfriend, their daughter or themselves. There are men who just read that last sentence and think it couldn’t have happened to a man. There are individuals who just read the last sentence and think it couldn’t happen to them. Some people are naive, some people are overconfident, some people are just plain ignorant… they are truly unaware that  violence could strike them in an hour, a day or sometime next year.

Over the weekend, I posted a very cute picture of a young girl with an AR along with what I thought was a cool story about her and her dad watching one of my classes. That pic got over 2000 likes and 500 shares. It’s cute, it’s emotionally charged and it fits the politically narrative that many of the people who watch my social media want to see pushed: Guns are fun, Kids should be taught guns safety, there is nothing wrong with promoting a responsible use of firearms with children, we need to teach the youth of our country to appreciate firearms, etc., etc.

know that this video showing real violence will not be “liked” or “shared” as much… but, it should be. It shows the real reason why people need to take home, family and personal defense seriously. There is evil in the world. You or the ones you care about could be visited by that evil. Individuals should be prepared to meet that evil with their own defense. It is not simply a “right”… it is actually a responsibility. The more people that are prepared to stand up to violence, and the more often people do, the less confident, bold and violent evil will be.

Share this article and/or just the link with those you care about… that goes without saying. After you do that, share it with people you barely know. Post it in off-roading forums in the “general discussion” areas. Post it in the Diet & Nutrition forum. Post it on you town, city or community social media pages… ask people if THEY are prepared to deal with this kind of violence.  Get the discussion going. Offer those interested resources… pick your favorite one… perhaps the free videos and articles at Personal Defense Network?  Perhaps another free resource that you trust? Maybe an instructor that you have trained with. And, please,  remember that this has little or nothing to do with guns… there are plenty of ways to prepare to meet your responsibility for personal defense outside of firearms.

How do people start addressing the three aspect of a Dynamic Critical Incident?


Have strong doors & locks and an alarm system, and use them Don’t open the door without seeing who it there… and don’t let strangers in your home. Try to be as aware as possible, especially when you are alone or in an unfamiliar area.


Know that you may need to defend yourself. Own that fact NOW. Once you truly believe that, you can form a plan. Having a plan for probable scenarios can prepare you to start to take control. While you cannot predict your next violent situation (or you would avoid it!), you can start thinking, training and practicing now to set a patterned response into your brain so that you have a much higher likelihood of being able to respond appropriately and efficiently when you get attacked.


If you are attacked, that means someone is actually trying to hurt and possible kill you. At that moment, you need to be prepared to use any and all appropriate means to defend yourself. The moment you are in a fight is wayyyy too late to start thinking about what tools and skills you might need. Being prepared at that moment will mean having the tools accessible, whether that is a firearm, a bat or a frying pan doesn’t matter. Being prepared at that moment will mean having the skills you need developed ahead of time, whether that means years and years of practice or one week in a gym starting to get stronger and learning to use your body more efficiently doesn’t matter.

Violence is Evil. Evil Exists. You could be visited by that Evil. If you are, you have a responsibility to defend yourself from it.


3 thoughts on “What does violence look like?”

  1. Well stated Rob and thank you for all that you do in spreading the message of personal defense and responsibility in a context that makes perfect sense to anyone who would take the time to listen. Joe B

  2. MSG John Laigaie

    “That won’t happen to me!”….”I don’t live in that kind of neighborhood”……
    There is Evil in the world and, Yes, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to defend yourself from it.

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