I.C.E. Training Company is reducing the round count of all 2013 courses.

ammo Effective Immediately, I.C.E. Training Company is reducing the round count of all 2013 courses.


In response to student concerns about the cost and availability of ammunition, especially for the busy Spring Training Season, Rob Pincus has decided to reduce round counts for all live fire range courses by up to 25%. “We’ve down this before,” says Rob,” in response to requests during the 2009 ammunition shortages. There is no reduction in the quality of the course.. in fact, since repetition over extended time is what really ingrains physical skills, it might even be a better course with a little more lecture and extended Q&A.”


While students always value putting “rounds down range” during any live fire course, and a certain amount of shooting is vital to skill learning and assuring that students understand what and how to train, it is not necessary to shoot over 1000 rounds in two days to make training valuable.

Minimum round counts for two day Combat Focus® Shooting courses will now be 800 rounds. Other courses, includind the popular Combat Focus® Carbine classes, will have their round counts reduced as well.

In addition to the reduced round counts, tuition prices are being lowered by $50 for 2013 as well, to help offset the rapidly rising cost of ammunition.

For more information, visit the I.C.E. Training Company Course List and click on the course you are interested in!


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