Oral IV Controversy, Part 3: A few dudes at Johns Hopkins opine… and a SHADY connection is drawn.


For the last few days, there has been some back channel chatter about  a supposed “Johns Hopkins Study” that was done at the request of the US Military. Well, now we know what that is all about… a whole bunch of “not much study” and some very interesting connections between the doctors who wrote a couple of negative letters and a company that sells product that competes with Oral IV.

What you will see below are the actual letters written by a few guys who I assume are very good at their jobs at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Unfortunately, they were so excited to write hit pieces on Oral IV that the first pair actually (again, I assume) miss-wrote the last sentence of their letter and it actually supports the continued use of Oral IV over other options:

“Replacing Oral IV with other, scientifically validated oral rehydration beverages could place persons training or operating in warm or hot weather operations at increased risk for dehydration, gastrointestinal distress, and becoming a heat casualty.”

This from William Greenough and Kevin Gerold, a professor and asst. professor (respectively), who apparently did nothing more than read the old ad copy at the Oral IV website.

In the second letter, below, the “To:” line is suspiciously blacked out in the copy that is now being passed around the internet. That makes me wonder who requested the letter.  Questions:

1. Who has a vested interest in a rehydration product that contains glucose and has ties to Johns Hopkins’ Alumni?
2. Who has a vested interest in a product that competes with Oral IV and has been telling people that there was a “study” being done at Johns Hopkins?
3. Why would these professors be so interested in this issue? Are they Hydration Specialists?

A quick (and VERY sincere, actually) Google Search with “Dr. Greenough Hydration” revealed something interesting, a press release from Cera Products… a company that manufactures and sells hydration/rehydration products.

 "CeraFlu(TM) is a scientifically-developed hydration drink that contains
 an optimal mix and ratio of carbohydrates and electrolytes," says William
 Greenough, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine
 and Public Health and Hygiene, who helped in developing the drink mix."

Try it yourself… look how many times the Cera products are connected to Greenough in the Google search “Dr. Greenough Hydration” . And, it turns out that he’s actually on the company’s board of advisors… as are Sack and Gerold, the other two doctors signing the critical letters below.

Interestingly, one of Oral IV’s most vocal critics this last week also sells Cera Products… The same guy who posted that an Army Major was under “house arrest” because he shared his thoughts about how great Oral IV was…. a post that was later removed from the inter-webs after it became clear that it was completely false. To read Maj. Setka’s (a Ranger Brigade Surgeon) thoughts on Oral IV, check this from Solider Systems. Oral IV had very positive response at the 2012 and 2013 Best Ranger Competition, where Cera Products was a high level sponsor.

As I’ve stated several times in the last week, I don’t like intellectual weakness. The attacks against Oral IV have seemed oddly disconnected from what Oral IV actually claims to be. In fact, they have very specifically focused on talking about what it doesn’t do, which is act like a traditional rehydration product. The arguments have all revolved around the importance of sticking with the traditional approach… the approach that Cera Products takes. Today, we see the big guns of Johns Hopkins Medical are tied to a would-be competitor of Oral IV (you can Google the other guys’ names and find the connections for yourself, they are listed on the company website) and this whole brouhaha starts to make a lot more sense to me…

Let me remind everyone that this is a health issue, ultimately… not just “business”.  Oral IV may not be the wonder-answer to rehydration… but these attacks are shady.



PS- More videos from Dr. Beck coming later today….