Rob Pincus for the NRA Board of Directors

Earlier this week, I announced my interest in running for the 76th Seat on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors.

Since that news went out, I’ve been asked three questions several times, in this order of frequency:

-How do I support you / vote for you?
-Why do you want to be on the NRA BoD?
-What is the deal with the “76th Seat” ?

pincsu4nraI’m going to answer them in reverse order:

 1. What is the deal with the “76th Seat” ?

75 of the BoD seats are three year terms. Most NRA Voting Members (more on that in a moment) are used to seeing a Ballot on which they can vote for up to 25 people every year. Historically, a very low percentage (under 10) of the eligible NRA Voting Members return their ballots. When the ballots are received the top 25 got getters for the year are put on the board.  There are three types of people who get votes on those ballots:  Nominees, Petitioners and Write-Ins.  The Nominees were selected by a committee of existing Board Members after throwing their hat in the ring. This is, by far, the most usual route for someone getting on the NRA BoD. Petitioners have  submitted the names and personal information of at least 250 (often many more) voting members of the NRA who have said that they will support them. The number of Petitioners is controlled pretty tightly, to keep the ballots from having thousands of people with a strong local support group on them, so it is important that Petitioners have a large following.  The last type of vote getter on the mail-in ballots are Write-Ins. That is for people who, like me, have not gone through any extensive campaigning or selection process specific to the NRA Elections. It is very unlikely that anyone will get enough Write-In Votes to win one of the three year seats. The 76th Seat on the Board is a one year term and is handled a bit differently. The 76th Seat is voted on attendees of the NRA Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting will be in Indianapolis, IN on the last weekend in April. Quite often, the 76th Seat has been where those who were unsuccessful in their bid to win a 3 year seat end up running a second campaign. I am choosing to run for this 76th Seat directly, but, as it turns out, I need to demonstrate that I have support  with a solid showing in the Write-Ins in order to qualify to be part of the voting at the NRA Annual Meeting.

2. Why do you want to be on the NRA Board of Directors?

This question has been asked in a few different ways: Inquisitive Sincerity, Challenge and Incredulousness. Some people just want to here the simple answer, others may feel that it is strange that I am putting myself into this position and some people think that, even if it were to win, it is a colossal waste of my  (already thinly stretched) time. To all of them, I submit the following answer:

I believe that a position on the NRA Board of Directors will allow me to do more to promote our firearms ownership rights and responsibilities!

It is, honestly, not any more complicated than that. I’m going to keep doing what I do:

  • Training people interested in Defensive Shooting
  • Educating people in all areas of Personal Defense
  • Developing Instructors who wish to Teach Others
  • Encouraging Members of the Firearms Community to meet their Responsibilities as Gun Owners
  • Educating the Middle Ground in America about Firearms Rights & Responsibilities.
  • Debating, and in many cases Correcting, the actions and assertions of those who are “Anit-Gun”in our Country.

I think it should be pretty clear how my ability to do most of those things can be enhanced by being a member of the NRA BoD. Ultimately, it is the last three items that will be most improved with a position on the board. I will be able to reach more people and, possibly, effect more change and positive movement. If elected, I would also do what I could to make the organization itself more responsive to the issue that I care most about in our community: Training, Education and Educating America’s Middle Ground on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and what it means to be a Responsible Firearms Owner. Until I am on the board, I have  little idea what good I might be able to do internally, but I strongly believe that I can have a greater impact on the community and country at large. I have spoken to many people who currently serve on the board and some who have previously been there. I have heard a great deal of mixed opinion about exactly what an NRA Board Member can do, should do and what they have felt the value of their position and the contributions that have come from their positions are. I am confident that I am making the right choice for the right reasons. I submit to you my track record as a Gun Rights Advocate, my Passion for Firearms Education and Responsibility and the (almost 20 year) history I have in the Industry and Firearms Community.

  • I have been a shooter for basically all of my life and a gun owner for most of it.
  • I’ve worked in just about every aspect of the firearms industry: Training, Education, Media, Retail, Marketing, Sales, Event Organization and Manufacturing.
  • I’ve worked with many of the leaders in the industry, including many NRA Board Members, and most of the major companies at one time or another and am proud to count much of the industry leadership as friends and peers in one of America’s most important and unique sectors.
  • I have taught or spoken at conferences, on ranges and in classrooms around the country for over a decade and I spend about 300 days a year on the road doing it.
  • I have been constant contributor to the conversation about firearms rights in our community and in the general media since the late 1990’s.
  • In the 2013 alone, I participated in over 100 Radio call-in interviews  around the country on the topics of Firearms Rights and/or Personal Defense ((non-firearms talk or news programs,many of which are listed below) and made many appearances on Firearms Community radio shows and podcasts, including regular appearances on Armed American Radio.

I want to be an NRA Board of Director so that I can do more of what I already do.

3. How do I support you / vote for you?

This has been the BEST thing that people have said in response to my announcement and I sincerely thank each and every one of you, voting member or not, who have let me know that you support and appreciate my efforts!

-If You ARE a Voting Member and you still have your Ballot for the NRA BoD:

Simply write “Rob Pincus, Bexley Ohio” in on the write in portion of the ballot, as pictured in this blog. Follow the rest of the guidelines and send the ballot in by April 6th!

-If you ARE a Voting Member and you do not have your Ballot:

This is a little trickier. Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy has outline the steps (and written a generous endorsement, which I greatly appreciate). Check it out HERE! Or, simply contact the NRA.

-If you are not a voting member or have already sent in your ballot:  Please Spread the Word to anyone in the community who may be a voter or know one!

After that, if the write in campaign to get on the ballot at the actual NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis is Successful, I will be putting the call out for as many supporters as possible to attend the NRAAM and cast their vote for me to proudly take the 76th Seat on the BoD!

Thank you for your consideration of my run for the NRA Board!

-Rob Pincus


Some of the Media that I participated in during 2013 to promote Gun Rights & Responsibilities:

San Luis Obispo, CA
-Michigan’s Morning Show
Hosts:  Steve Gruber & Jo Anne Paul
14 Stations Across MI
-Bulldog and The Rude Awakening Show
Ocean City, MD & Connecticut
-Bulldog Live
WTPL 107.7FM “The Pulse”
Concord, NH
-Jim Bohannon Show Nationally Syndicated on 500+ Stations
-Talk Radio 850 WPTF
Raleigh-Durham, NC
Rochester, NY
-Ottawa’s Alternative Rock
LiVE 88.5
-The Josh Tolley Show
Nationally Syndicated
-Reality Radio Media
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
-America’s Radio News Network
Nationally Syndicated on 500 Stations
Austin, TX
-Host James Lowe
KJAG (AZ) Talk Radio 1650 (TX)
-Birmingham’s Morning News WERC
Birmingham, AL
-AM730 Morning Show
Albuquerque, NM
-Price of Business on KTEK 1110 AM
Wall Street Radio Network
Raleigh-Durham, NC
-WOND 1400 AM
Atlantic City, NJ
Charlotte, NC
-Buy Back America
Host Tim Aalders
KTTK Radio and on KPDR TV Channel 19
Salt Lake City UT
-Sex and Politics Show
1090am WBCR
Brooklyn, NY
-The Vinnie Penn Project
Hartford, CT
-Steve Crowley’s American Scene
Nationally Syndicated
-KSWM – AM 940
SW Missouri
-Radio America/
-Charles Butler Show
Chicago, IL
Boca Raton FL
WOND 1400 am
Atlantic city nj
-99.9FM WXJB/1450AM WWJB
-Mark Cope
Brownwood, TX
-The Larry Elder Show
KABC Talkradio 790 KABC-AM
-99.9 – FM WXJB –   1450 – AM WWJB
-Rock House Style
National Radio Show
-The Barry Morgan Show
CJAD 800 Radio
Quebec, Canada
-America In The Morning, Syndicated on 500+ Stations

-WXLM News Talk 980 AM
Groton, CT -KXLO KLCM Radio
Lewistown, MT-BGE Presents
Atlanta, GA-News Talk 570 WKBN
Clear Channel Media & Entertainment-96.3 K-TWIN
Minneapolis, Minnesota-Clear Channel Radio
New Orleans-Marie Claire -WBZW
Orlando, FL-Thom Hartmann Radio
Nationally Syndicated   -Roy Green Show
Nationally on the Corus Radio Network-WDTK
Detroit, MI -WNRR 1380
N Augusta, SC-560 WIND
Chicago, IL-Straight Talk 106.9fm
London Ontario-The Ed Tyll Show
Nationally Syndicated -WTPL 107.7FM “The Pulse”
Concord, NH -Health, Wealth & Wisdom
Tampa Bay, FL-KELE 92.5 The Grove
Mountain Grove, MO -News Radio 680 WPTF | North Carolina News Network -The Morning Drive 850 WPTF

Raleigh-Durham, NC -105.9 WLNI -FM
Lynchburg, VA-Maria Sanchez Show
Nationally Syndicated-WFSX Fox News 92.5
Fort Myers, FL -KPFK 90.7
Los Angeles, CA-Roy Green Show
Nationally on the Corus Radio Network-The Matthew Brower Show
Nationally Syndicated-WCRS Radio
Greenwood, SC-Human Events’-Hudson Valley Focus Live’
1450 AM WKIP
Clear Channel Hudson Valley-Maggie Linton Show
SiriusXM – Channel 110
Washington, DC-The James Lowe Show
Atlanta, GA + Syndicated-Rusty Humphries-First News with Keeler in the Morning
Utica, NY    -Pittsburgh Now
WPXI, Pittsburgh Cable News-Leiberman Live
SiriusXM Howard 101
National-WOCA 1370am/96.3FM
Ocala, FL