Being Armed is a Mindset, not a Physical Condition.

…I knew 99% of the audience would believe that there was a HUGE difference because at home those attending the NRA Show would believe that they could “always” have a firearm in their home, but realizing that there would be times where that wasn’t possible or practical outside of the home. The nature of the response is a tactical issue, not a philosophical or strategic one… but, that isn’t always obvious.

LIVE Discussion of Spree Killer (“active shooter”) Response Fundamentals

As the news is breaking about a spree killer event in Oregon on a College Campus, Paul Carlson at Safety Solutions Academy scrapped his plan to talk exclusively about emergency medicine and invited me to join his other two guests to talk about some of the things that people are obviously interested in during the media frenzies that follow tragic events like the one that struck the Umpqua Community College Campus today.


Last night, we conducted the first LIVE Broadcast from Personal Defense Network and it went really well! A couple of weeks ago, we started soliciting questions via email and social media. By yesterday morning, the Team at PDN HQ in Minneapolis had collected well over 200 submissions and went to work sorting through them to find …

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