LIVE Discussion of Spree Killer (“active shooter”) Response Fundamentals

As the news is breaking about a spree killer event in Oregon on a College Campus, Paul Carlson at Safety Solutions Academy  scrapped his plan to talk exclusively about emergency medicine and invited me to join his other two guests to talk about some of the things that people are obviously interested in during the media frenzies that follow tragic events like the one that struck the Umpqua Community College Campus today.

ssa_liveYou can check out the complete VIDEO HERE.

We discussed the importance of having a plan before getting caught in an event, the importance of medical equipment and knowledge and the potential need to improvised defensive tools. We also touched on some of the non-gun gear that you might want to think about having with you to deal with getting caught in a public spree killing and the tenets of the School Attacker Response Course.598466_482315641819331_1655641616_n

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You can learn more about the developing story in Oregon HERE.