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Holiday Safety and Security Tips… a collection from various sources.

This is the time of year for Holiday Safety and Security Tips. Rather than give you a re-hashed presentation of the same ‘ol tips, I thought this year, I’d give you a collection of links to thoughts from a variety of resources. There’s a ton of great info linked below, rather than try to digest it all, maybe bookmark this page and come back for a new link every few days. Or, maybe assign various links to your family members and then you can all take turns sharing highlights at meals over the next couple of weeks.

The Best of 2014 from Personal Defense Network

Every year, as Managing Editor of Personal Defense Network, I have the pleasure of recapping our content highlights. The process works like this: I have one of our tech- and data-savvy team members (in this year’s case, Patrick) collect lists of the most popular articles and videos posted in the preceding year. Then I go …

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Training Communities: Build & Support Them!

It should be obvious that it is in all of our interests to build and support communities of responsible gun owners who train for the defensive use of their firearms. While we hear a lot about bringing new shooters to the range, especially encouraging the participation of children in the shooting sports and introducing women …

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THIS is an important article. I often make comments about the “dentist wearing half the Blackhawk! Catalog” who attends ‘courses’ that are more fantasy camp than practical training. I have nothing against this practice, of course… but I think it is important to ensure that the instructor and the student are being intellectually honest about …

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