I.C.E. Announcements

Protect What You Love…

The “protect what you love” idea has gotten amazing feedback over the last year that I’ve been pushing it. Now, hundreds of people are proudly displaying their commitment to the #protectewhatyoulove ethos and inspiring others to do so as well by wearing the latest PWYL T-shirt from Maiden Apparel. Available in Men’s and Women’s cuts…

Suicide Prevention, Gun Negligence and our responsibility… a Dialogue.

I’ve been wanting to get back into producing my own audio content and leapt at the opportunity to record a conversation with two friends who are spending time thinking and talking about important issues that affect the firearms community, Mike Sodini and Maj Toure. The unscripted and unplanned dialogue revolved around the work that both men are doing to educate and raise awareness about responsibility, tragedy prevention, legal gun ownership and the stigma that can accompany gun ownership. Maj is the founder of Black Gun Matter and Mike recently launched a non-profit organization intended to collaborate with mental health professionals to address a variety of issues.

Update on the Collaboration with USCCA and the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Program

The Defensive Shooting Fundamentals program is completely developed, launched and reaching students all across the country.It’s been awhile since I have formally posted any type of update on the development and growth of the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Program. The PDN Training Tour had me busy since March and there is always a lot going on… but, this seemed like a great time to share some information, with a large Instructor Development class being held this weekend in Wisconsin.

Intuitive Defensive Shooting … and the end of the “Combat Focus™” Brand

After 15 years, I have officially decided to change the name of the Combat Focus™ Shooting Program to “Intuitive Defensive Shooting™”. This was not something that was done lightly, as many people have come to trust the “CFS Program”…. And many people have been advocates for it, often in the face of significant skepticism, for many years.

Huge Giveaway Collaboration: $9500+ Prize Package!

Personal Defense Network and I have teamed up with the cream of the crop companies in the shooting industry to bring you a prize package that contains almost $10,000 worth of guns & gear. Just visit http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/Giveaways/Ultimate-Giveaway and enter your email address. You will also find additional ways to enter by supporting the participating companies’ Social Media when you visit the main entry page!

The Right and The Responsibility

When it comes to guns in America, the principles of Rights and Responsibilities are overlapping. It’s not one or the other. Our Constitution guarantees the right, common sense requires the responsibility. Separating these two things is how we get infringement. Separating these two things is how we get accidents, recklessness and just about every evil or negligent act with a gun that I can think of.