Cars & Guns? Are comparisons valid?

I was cleaning The Beast’s air filters this afternoon and I thought about the picture I took with the 5.56 AR15 inside the engine compartment of my slightly-tamer sedan. That picture was really popular in the gun world social media, because I made the point that the 450+ horsepower engine can push that car to more than twice the highest legal posted speed limit in the country… yet, no one was trying to take it away from me.
So, lets take a real look at issues of licensing, training and power in regard to cars & guns…

Gun Rights and Responsibilities Manifesto

A “manifesto” ?          Really, Rob? Yes… a  damn Manifesto! It’s the right word… I checked three dictionaries, including one actual paper one! ***** I think it is imperative that we have more dialogue in our Country about Gun Rights Issues. Conversations needs to happen most with people who don’t understand our …

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Firearms Issue Position Statements for 2AO

I want to have the most comprehensive list of clear positions on Gun Rights Issues, Laws and Policies of any organization on either side of the Gun Responsibility Issue. I think we’ve done a good job to get us started!