Month: September 2018

Gun Rights and Responsibilities Manifesto

A “manifesto” ?          Really, Rob? Yes… a  damn Manifesto! It’s the right word… I checked three dictionaries, including one actual paper one! ***** I think it is imperative that we have more dialogue in our Country about Gun Rights Issues. Conversations needs to happen most with people who don’t understand our …

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Firearms Issue Position Statements for 2AO

I want to have the most comprehensive list of clear positions on Gun Rights Issues, Laws and Policies of any organization on either side of the Gun Responsibility Issue. I think we’ve done a good job to get us started!

Protect What You Love…

The “protect what you love” idea has gotten amazing feedback over the last year that I’ve been pushing it. Now, hundreds of people are proudly displaying their commitment to the #protectewhatyoulove ethos and inspiring others to do so as well by wearing the latest PWYL T-shirt from Maiden Apparel. Available in Men’s and Women’s cuts…

Suicide Prevention, Gun Negligence and our responsibility… a Dialogue.

I’ve been wanting to get back into producing my own audio content and leapt at the opportunity to record a conversation with two friends who are spending time thinking and talking about important issues that affect the firearms community, Mike Sodini and Maj Toure. The unscripted and unplanned dialogue revolved around the work that both men are doing to educate and raise awareness about responsibility, tragedy prevention, legal gun ownership and the stigma that can accompany gun ownership. Maj is the founder of Black Gun Matter and Mike recently launched a non-profit organization intended to collaborate with mental health professionals to address a variety of issues.