PDN Training Tour: Two Person Armed Defense Course Review!

This year’s PDN Training Tour offered the most diverse collection of courses we’ve ever offered. One of the more unique courses that was taught in a few locations across the country was I.C.E. Training’s Two Person Armed Defense. A Team Tactics Course specifically designed for the everyday person who spends a lot of time with other people who are armed. It is not a fantasy camp class where students pretend to be SWAT Team Members or perform bounding overwatch across open ranges with burning cars and smoke thumbnail_8-1.Moving-to-the-rear-guard-positiongrenades creating great photo ops, but no practical value. This course draws from various aspects of Team Tactics in the world of Armed Professionals, but the curriculum is pared down to simple fundamentals that can be applied under a wide variety of circumstances in the even that two (or more) Good Guys with Guns end up involved in the same incident. As the number of people carrying guns for defense continues to grow, this becomes more and more likely and this coursework becomes more and more important.

You can read the full Course Review HERE.

Terry Nelson is veteran law enforcement officer and instructor in his own right. It was great to have him in class and I very much appreciate him sharing his thoughts on TPAD!