Protect What You Love…





The “protect what you love” idea has gotten amazing feedback over the last year that I’ve been pushing it. The article that was published on Personal Defense World and in print via Concealed Carry Handguns  has exposed the idea to tens of thousands of responsible gun owners and tens of thousands more people have been exposed through the videos I’ve done at Personal Defense Network.   If you aren’t familiar with the concept, here’s an excerpt from the description of the latest video:

The idea of “protect what you love” tends to resonate, especially with people who are less inclined to be physically defense oriented. Protect what you love could simply mean your family, and that comes naturally to people, especially women. To a women, the idea of protecting her children may come to her mind long before the idea of protecting herself does.
Protect what you love could mean protecting your children, your mother, your spouse. Maybe it’s protecting your friends. It could mean brotherly love as well as parental love or romantic love. Any of these can be the type of love that inspires people to take protective action, assertive, aggressive action to keep those they love from harm — even violent action. Start by getting the self-defense training you need to protect them.

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