Virginia Shooting exemplifies importance of Counter Ambush principles

11949527_10204879145920787_5741490546304962727_nThe graphic video being shared all over the internet this morning certainly strikes most people as shocking… but, if you’re familiar with some of the most fundamental (and sometimes controversial) principles that we integrate into our training programs, you should recognize some of the most talked about aspects of the attack.

The typical “Natural Reactions” to being startled that we talk about in our literature and courses are easily recognized in the victims when the video is reviewed. Integrating these natural reactions into your training model just prior to the execution of learned responses is a great way to prepare for defending yourself when caught off guard.

In addition to the integration of BNR’s, we also talk a lot about how the traditional approach to “Situational Awareness” is impractical and flawed in regard to the real world. This is another area that our penchant for dismissing traditional training approaches that simply don’t seem to apply to actual events offends some in the training community. The number of people commenting in social media criticizing the victims’ lack of awareness of their surroundings is staggering. The reason for this frustration is the belief that people can actually maintain an alert status to everything in their environment even while they are concentrating on their work, conversations and all the various tasks and distractions that we face in every day life. Stand by for the defenders of the Old Faith to continue to dismiss these victims are foolishly unaware, while common sense easily explains why they didn’t notice the attacker until the shots rang out.

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