The Best of 2014 from Personal Defense Network

Every year, as Managing Editor of Personal Defense Network, I have the pleasure of recapping our content highlights. The process works like this: I have one of our tech- and data-savvy team members (in this year’s case, Patrick) collect lists of the most popular articles and videos posted in the preceding year. Then I go back and review them to find the ones I think stand out the PDN Logo-1most. The ones I pick are a mix of my own personal favorites, ones that exemplify PDN’s personal defense education mission, ones that reflect the year’s hot topics, or ones I think are particularly important and worth a revisit by our members or a little extra attention from` the community at large. This year, the collection hits all those marks.

Head on over to PDN and check out the selections and find out why I selected them to represent 2014. This year, the highlights include videos and articles on a huge array of personal defense topics including defensive firearms, team tactics for couples, emergency medicine, home defense, raising kids in a world of guns, AR15 Pistols and more! We even have a special guest appearance from Lt. Col. David Grossman in the collection. Contributors represented in the collection include Grant Cunningham, Caleb Causey, Paul Carlson, Lee Vernon and Barret Kendrick. I take a great deal of pride in the quality of our contributors,  some of whom are well established in the industry and some of whom are names you’ve never heard before but should expect some great things from. The common denominator is that they are all actively teaching in their areas of expertise. I strongly believe that actively teaching is what keeps an instructor relevant and their information up to date.

PDN_chip2013_22014 was another great year at Personal Defense Network!  Thanks to all of you who have visited the website, purchased our DVDs, and become Premium Members. Be sure to check out the websites and companies of our Contributors also, without them, there would be no collection to highlight!


Be Safe & Train Well!