Evolution of Instructor Development at I.C.E. Training Company

Jamie Onion and Paul Carlson are teaching a Defensive Firearms Coach course this weekend in Virginia.
Several years ago, I said that I wanted to work towards the point where we had members of our instructor team out in front of our programs, leading them, developing other instructors and taking ownership of the programs that we all teach. This year the schedule reflects that we’ve met that goal.
Just as the Combat Focus Shooting program is much bigger than “Rob Pincus”, I.C.E. Training Company and our instructor development programs, have grown far beyond the level where I can teach all the courses. Jamie Onion and Andy Loeffler are lead instructors in the DFC Program, creating new instructors for our basic home defense and CCW courses. Alessandro Padovani and Matt Munson are leaders in the FitShot program and Omari Broussard will be conducting CFS Instructor Development and certification courses without my participation. 2013 is the 10th Anniversary of the CFS Program and this is huge step forward for its growth and development.
At some point in the near future, I’ll meet someone who is certified to teach an I.C.E. Training program that has never actually trained with me before. I’m looking forward to that, because I trust the guys that they are training under to do at least as good a job as I would.