Personal Defense Network Training Tour Update

More than halfway across the country and through the schedule, the tour has been GREAT! 

Earlier Today, in Augusta, Georgia at the Pinetucky Gun Club, the 2012 Personal Defense Network Training Tour got started with a Combat Focus Shooting Course, being conducted by Personal Defense Network’sManaging Editor Rob Pincus.

Joining him on the 2012 Training Tour are many contributors to PDN and good friends, including Mike Janich and Mike Seeklander (co-hosts of the most recent season of The Best Defense!), Omari BroussardTom Givens,Grant CunninghamAlessandro PadovaniDr. Robert SmithCecil Burch andChris Collins.

“These guys are some of the top trainers in the industry! Their insight, their companies and their training programs are in high demand and it is an honor to be working with them,” said Pincus,  “Even if you can’t catch them on the tour dates, find a chance to train with them!”

The courses will cover topics ranging form Tactical Medicine, through knife defense and, of course, Defensive Firearms Training. Most courses are open enrollment, though some are already full and others will be soon! A complete list can be found on our Calendar. As the leader of the event, I will be driving the Tour Truck from the southeast, up the east coast, out through the mid-west, across the plains, over the Rockies and to our final stop, The Firearms Academy of Seattle for classes in mid-July.  In total, we will be in over 30 locations and teaching over 50 classes as part of the tour.


The tour is being supported by LaserlyteCrossBreed HolstersS&W M&P Tactical Clothing and Daniel Defense. These are some great companies who see the value in being associated with top level training and the PDN Brand. Students attending Tour Courses will all receive a commemorative tour t-shirt, decal and selected promotional items from our sponsors… there will also be some door-prizes and “bigger ticket” items given away from time to time.


When asked about the genesis of the event Pincus said, ÒSpring is always the busiest time of the year for me, and IÕve been marketing I.C.E.Õs Training Calendar as an Òannual tourÓ for several yearsÉ teaming up with PDN and seeking out the participation of our Contributors and the support of our sponsors was a natural evolution!Ó


This is the first time that PDN, a leader in online training articles and the highest integrity producer of video training tips on the web, has “gone live” with its brand to support training in the real world. Details about the tour can be found HERE, including a list of all dates, locations and classes being offered and links to register for most of the courses. There will be weekly updates distributed at PDN as well as on our various instructors, supporters and students Facebooks, blogs and web pages.


Join the tour if you can!