Rob Pincus on Open Carry

Some people have been spreading around the idea that I am in favor of laws restricting legal open carry. While I would think that would be obviously ridiculous, it has come to my attention that a few people might believe such a claim without seeking to verify it. So, here is some clarification:

In no way do I want to see our legal rights to OC Restricted… in fact, I’d like to see the RIGHT expanded for various reasons that should be obvious.
So, While I have said is that we should ALL have the right to OC, I believe that the “OC Activist” who wear long guns in the kid’s reading section of libraries, who carry video cameras around and agitate law enforcement or who walk around public parks with AK Pistols dressed in camo just to get attention and cause drama are HURTING RKBA and the image of responsible gun owners. My position on this is well documented from appearances on various radio/podcasts, in articles/posts and on my own YouTube Channel. I do not advocate OC for personal defense, but I certainly don’t want the right taken away.

Don’t believe the gossip, use Google and research… or just ask.