Home Security & Safety Q&A

PDNLive_10_18Last night on PDN Live, I answered questions related to Home Security & Safety.  This was a very different conversation than I would’ve had with the viewers if the topic hand been “Armed Home Defense”, although we did talk about that a bit. Firearms play a very small role, thankfully, in the issues of Home Security & Safety.  In addition the gun centric questions related to moving through your home while armed and which types of guns make the best home defense tolls, we talked about lighted, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), reinforcing interior and exterior doors, suppressors, what to stage besides defensive tools, training and tools for spouses not already interested in personal defense and number of other topics.  I also gave a plug for my physical, electronic and audio book Defend Yourself, which takes a comprehensive look at Armed Home Defense including many aspects of home security.

Check out the PDN Live Q&A on Home Security and Safety and then post any follow questions you have in the comments. If you though there was valuable information, please SHARE this post or the direct link to the video.Rob's Book "Defend Yourself" takes a comprehensive look at Armed Home Defense.

Train Well.


This Episode of PDN Live was sponsored by Springfield Armory.