Final Chances to Train in 2015!

There are only a few I.C.E. Training Company Courses left in 2015! ¬†I’ll be teaching in New Jersey and Florida in the month of December covering a variety of material in classes for students of all levels.

DEC15_coursesCombat Focus Shooting, Advanced Pistol Handling and two specialities courses are being offered. Our new Armed Defense Around Vehicles and Two Person Armed Defense classes will be conducted over the first weekend of the month at the Ancient City Shooting Range.

Defensive Pistol Courses will be offered both in Florida and at the Shooters facility in New Jersey.

12096397_900255280057299_2741838600471294558_nTake a look at the current I.C.E. Training Company Calendar for a complete listing, registration details and the list of courses already posted for the first half of 2016 as well!