Last night, we conducted the first LIVE Broadcast from Personal Defense Network and it went really well!

A couple of weeks ago, we started soliciting questions via email and social media. By yesterday morning, the Team at PDN HQ in Minneapolis had collected well over 200 submissions and went to work sorting through them to find the best ones for our debut live Q&A. I felt strongly that the result would be better if the questions were unknown to me and answers unscripted.

According to the feedback we’ve gotten over the last 24 four hours, both our members and those new to Personal Defense Network thought the live feed went really well. I got through over a dozen questions during the show, covering topics including CCW Handguns, “no carry zone” etiquette, best practices in the aftermath of a shooting and guns & alcohol. We all touched on training issues for new shooters, women and the elderly as well as those with extremely limited mobility. Immediately after the live show, I began answering some follow up questions at the PDN Youtube Channel.

I’m considering the flood of questions that we got, and the response from last night’s broadcast, solid signs that we should do more PDN Live Events… be watching for announcements soon!

Meanwhile, you can watch the recording of Entire Hour of Q&A Online and let us know what you think of the format and who we might make it better moving forward.


PS- If you are on the Instagram, be sure to follow PDN’s New Feed ¬†@pdnetwork !