ADSI Launches “Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor” Online Course

ADSI_logoThe long awaited reboot of the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors is finally here!  As promised last year when we suspended the promotion and growth of ADSI and extended all current members through March 1st, 2015 without additional charges, we have re-visited our initial intentions, re-structured the organization and are proud to be moving forward towards our original goal of establishing an organization designed to support Professional Development and Continuing Education for everyone interested in teaching defensive shooting skills.


ADSI_chartersADSI was formed around a set a set of principles of Professionalism first discussed amongst a group of peers in 2012 and was formally launched in 2013 after a meeting of community leaders at SHOT Show. After a great deal of initial enthusiasm, ADSI failed to deliver as intended and many of the original founders simply weren’t as active as everyone had hoped in trying to meet our goals. After a year of struggle to create valuable content and offer distance education classes, the hiatus of 2014 was announced. The ADSI Website was maintained, as were the existing distance education courses, but there has been no substantial movement until now. The Membership has been overwhelmingly supportive of our decision to press on, despite some early miss-steps and their support has been greatly appreciated.

One of the most significant developments over the past year has been a formal alignment with Personal Defense Network, which is now putting its production resources behind the course content development at ADSI. There will be more alliance between the two entities as time goes on as well. PDN is well established as a leading source for educational material for those interested in protecting themselves and others… we will now be working to create similar content for those who have chosen to teach others the same skills and concepts. The new “Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor” Course represents the quality of course material that members can expect from ADSI moving forward. This course represents an overview of important considerations and areas of knowledge that one entering into the field of Defensive Shooting Instruction should be aware of. Future courses will cover all aspects of teaching defensive shooting and related topics.

Prior to announcing it, we offered an opportunity for a few of our Associate Members to go through the “Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor” Course to help us find any typos or bugs… here is the first graduate’s feedback:

“Overall I think this material was outstanding. I loved the depth of information while keeping brevity. Each section was extremely beneficial and frankly I wish all firearms instructors would go through this stuff. Having heard it before it just reinforced things but I know it would’ve been great to see al-together from the start up. Extremely valuable information as advertised by the title. Great general concepts with valuable rabbit trails sprinkled in for more specific opportunities of development and understanding later on. I really enjoyed this course.”

I have been very passionate about this project since it was first conceived in 2012… I am looking forward to this next chapter in its development! You can learn more about Membership Benefits at the website or to join us ADSI, Click HERE.

The letter below was sent to all current ADSI Members last night:

We are very excited to announce the release of the latest ADSI Distance Education Course “Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor”. This course has been long anticipated and is the first to represent the original goal of the ADSI Online Courses of Study for those who are, or who are interested in, teaching defensive shooting skills to others.

Regardless of whether you are just starting your journey as a teacher in this realm or you are already teaching in the public or private sector, we believe that the concepts being shared in this course will help you to fulfill your goals professionally and continue to become the best Defensive Shooting Instructor that you can be.

This course is the first one that capitalizes on the relationship between ADSI and the Personal Defense Network’s production resources. It reflects the types of presentation and depth of information that you can expect from ADSI from here on out.

Last year at about this time, it was announced that our organization, out of recognition of our failure to meet our own goals and member expectations in the first year of launch, would extend one free year of membership to everyone who had already invested in the concept of a non-doctrinal organization dedicated to continuing education and professional development for defensive shooting instructors.

That year has passed and we have taken the time to re-examine and re-structure. We are proud to be re-launching ADSI this week and are offering this course to all of you who have remained faithful that we would deliver on our initial intentions at a significant discount. The course will be offered for one week at $17.99 and then increase to periodically until we are at the retail price of $37.99.

In the coming week, you will also receive notices about renewing your memberships with ADSI. For those of you who are understandably on the fence about re-investing in your membership with us, we hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to take the Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor Course at this discounted price and evaluate the quality of the material and use it as a determining factor as you consider renewal.

In the past few weeks, we have recorded lectures for 3 new courses for ADSI, which will be produced over the next few months and offered as part of our curriculum soon. Other courses are also in the works. We expect to have about a dozen courses available by this time next year! It is also expected that, with the addition of contributing instructors and more content, our Forums and Blog will be much more active (and valuable to our members!) as well.

Thank you for your support and continued interest in increasing the overall competency and professionalism of the Defensive Training Industry!

– ADSI Staff