Recent Video and Radio Conversations with Rob Pincus:

Rob Pincus has been incredibly busy with the 2015 Personal Defense Network Training Tour, but he has still found time to participate in several Live Chats and Radio Interviews over the past few weeks to discuss issues related to Self-Defense, Training and Defensive Firearms. If you missed any of these great conversations, you can check out the recordings below:




PDN Live Q&A with Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics


Rob and Caleb answer questions related to Self-Defense & Emergency Medicine that were submitted by their social media followers and PDN Subscribers.



RJP_tacdaddyRob was invited to be a guest on a recent episode of TacDaddy LIVE to discuss training theory and some of the latest happenings in the firearms community. This show covered a lot more than the normal training talk.







AAR_webpageRob is a regular guest on AAR with Mark Walters, but it has been awhile since they talked for an entire hour. On 5/17, they did just that. Rob gave an update of the PDN Training Tour and his thoughts on the infamous almost-anti-gun “Glocks are Dangerous” article from the LA Times. Listen to the Entire Hour HERE!



RJP_stoneguy223After the TacDaddy show, Rob was invited to join the “after chat” hosted by Stoneguy223 for a more in depth discussion of Training Principles and some of the foundational concepts of the Combat Focus Shooting program. It is over an hour of great talk with a number of participants!




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