Shouldering AR Pistols with stabilizing braces is “legal” … again

It appears AR Pistols are once again “legal” to shoulder. If you were paying attention to my work a few years ago, you know that I was one of the people in the firearms industry that was very disappointed in 2014 when the BATFE took a position that shouldering an AR Pistol (with or without any type of “stabilizing brace” attached to the buffer tube) was a violation of law. In the months leading up to the release of a letter making that position pretty clear, many of us in the training community had been pointing out the advantages of a shorter firearm capable of being used like a traditional rifle for home defense and use by law enforcement or security personal. Of course, these advantages were always available to those who had “Short Barreled Rifles”, but that requires a $200 Tax Stamp, significant Hoop Jumping and isn’t an option in some states…  Read The Complete Article at PDN!

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