Crossbreed Appendix Holsters on Sale this week… but are they any good?

The CrossBreed AIWB Holster has been my go to for several years. They’re running a sale on them this week:
Many of you know that I’ve worked with Crossbreed for a long time, they’ve supported the PDN Training Tour for years, we’ve collaborated on holster designs and I consider many of their staff to be good friends. It’s probably important to note that those carts all came AFTER the horse of quality holsters that are incredibly comfortable to wear. And, I was very skeptical at first, despite my buddy Mark Walters’ insistence that I try one… it took watching many students use them with success in classes over a period of time for me give them a try.
You can find plenty of people on the internet who will tell you they wouldn’t recommend a CBH. Allow me to sound like the grandfather that I am: “I’ve been carrying concealed firearms longer than most of them have been able to run a clean El Pres.” Which, of course, means nothing. 🙂
It does mean something that I’ve worn a lot of holsters over those years & watched thousands of students in defensive shooting courses over a couple decades use many kinds in all types of conditions. I’ve taught Integrated grappling & shooting in Extreme Close Quarters for 15+yrs to (UC and Uniform) LE/SWAT/SF/NSW/PSD/etc and CCW Regulars. My advanced pistol classes are dynamic & incl drawing from many extreme positions.
Are there stronger & more secure holsters? Yep. I use an ALS on duty. I respect & have used (and am friends with) Keepers, Bladetech, Gcode, PHLster & many others.
All concealed carry is a compromise. I find the Crossbreed AIWB Holster to be a great blend of access, security & comfort for small/medium handguns. I’ve worn the one in the lower right of the part of the picture below for the last 36+hrs and I’ve covered 1200+ miles (CO to TN) in 20hrs of that time, incl. rest stop napping.
I’ve packed the truck, hugged my wife, played with my youngest daughter, snuggled my tiny granddaughter, finished an audio book, ate a couple meals, entrepreneured, taken calls, did 2 NRATV segments and probably done more emails & txting than I should’ve. I can’t think of any IWB Holster which would’ve been as comfortable & yet offered as easy access to my gun under all those conditions for that long. I’ve got 10hrs to go to my Eastern HQ and it’s already back on.
I saw the sale during a fuel stop & thought I’d share.