Ancient City Shooting Range in St Augustine, FL partners with I.C.E. Training Company!

ACSR_logoSt. Augustine, FL – For the first time since 2007, Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program, is pleased to announce that I.C.E. Training Company will have a consistent presence at Ancient City Shooting Range.

Since the shut down of Valhalla Training Center in late 2007, I.C.E. Training Company has been 100% mobile, conducting courses around the United States, at scores of venues including private sector ranges as well as government facilities. “

I.C.E. Training will be conducting at least one class per month at ACSR. These courses will include both basic and advanced defensive pistol and carbine courses, as well as instructor development and specialty courses that will take advantage of the entire scope of what ACSR has to offer. Prior to calling ACSR its home range, Pincus and I.C.E. Training had taught a few courses a year at ACSR and had used the facility for several video projects including taping DVDs and online training tips for Personal Defense Network.

I.C.E. Training recently conducted the 7th Annual Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference at Ancient City Shooting range with attendees from around the US.
I.C.E. Training recently conducted the 7th Annual Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference at Ancient City Shooting range with attendees from around the US.

Ancient City Shooting Range, located near the intersection of I-95 and Hwy 16 in St. Augustine, Florida, is a membership-only, state of the art shooting facility with video simulation training, moving target systems, static steel targets, two story simulator house, military style obstacle course, and more. “We’re proud to have Rob choose to align himself with Ancient City, “says owner/operator Chuck Usina, “Rob’s programs are respected throughout the world and we want to have the best facility and training available for our members and guests.”
ACSR has several live fire shooting areas for pistol, rifle and shotgun. ACSR recently renovated it’s scenario training building as well, which is suitable for both laser and non-lethal training ammunition use. There are plans for additional training & classroom buildings and a large clubhouse to be added to the property in the near future. In addition to providing their own basic firearms and concealed carry training, ACSR has consistently brought in trainers from the country and devotes a great deal of its range space to supporting local, regional and national competitions in a variety of shooting sports.

Pincus will continue to teach at dozens of other ranges throughout the United States, as will other I.C.E. Training adjunct instructors. He will kick off the The 2015 Personal Defense Network Training Tour in March at ASCR and once again cross the United States with over 2 dozen stops between then and the end of July.

I.C.E. Training Company’s corporate offices are located just north of St. Augustine in Jacksonville, FL. All class scheduling, course registrations, certificates, online store, retail sales, customer service and other administrative activities are handled from this location.

“I have considered relocating to Northeast Florida for several years,” says Pincus, “I have been coming into this area to conduct training for almost 15 years and I love the region. The partnership with Ancient City has been outstanding and establishing it as my home range is only going to make it better.”