New Counter Ambush Training book & home study course

Counter Ambush Training explains the need for a training approach that takes into account the fact that your most likely need to defend yourself will come when you are least expecting it. By accepting the reality that if you knew an attack was
coming, you would avoid it, you can make your training dramatically more realistic. Too many people have the mindset that they will be “ready” for their fight. Too many people honestly have themselves convinced that they go through life in a state of awareness that would prevent them from being surprised by a threat. One of the biggest things IÕve become aware of is that people get distracted, regardless of their best intentions. It is also a known fact that many professional criminals use distraction and deception incredibly well to set up victims. The standard cliches in the training industry are the mantras of “not letting your guard down” and always remaining alert… keeping your “head on a swivel” … “keeping your eyes on the crowd” … “keeping your back to the wall”. While it would be awesome if we could live that way, the reality is that all of our spans of attention are limited. All of us have things that we must focus one during the day that keep us from being aware of everyone in our environment. All of us have things that we choose to focus on during the day that keep us from being aware of everything going on around us. Accepting that reality is a big step towards being truly ready to deal with the unexpected. While it goes against the tradition, I believe it is vital to accept the possibility of Ambush and train in ways that reflect being caught off guard. In fact, I believe it is important enough to justify a whole book and home study course on the topic!

It is a great honor that Lt. Col. David Grossman wrote the foreword to the new book, starting with: “You hold in your hands one of the most important books of our time. First, this is a vital, lifesaving resource. This book is a fundamentally new approach to providing essential lifesaving skills, which will empower you to protect yourself and your loved ones in these frighteningly, stunningly violent times.” He goes on to add, “The revolutionary, lifesaving approach to firearms training that Rob teaches in this book has been proven in the fearsome forge of daily use in these violent times… this book is a landmark work in the most important, most powerful grassroots, political movement of our times: the concealed carry, armed citizen movement. 

Counter Ambush Training covers the facts of the most probable defensive situations, focusing most on defensive shootings. After establishing the need, the book and lecture DVDs cover the Physiology, Physics and Neuroscience of training for these most likely situations. Going deeper into these topics that any of my previous works, CAT, lays out a clear roadmap for everyone to take their training to the next level of realism.

The home study course includes the new book, a 5 disc set of lectures on Counter Ambush topics, a workbook with exercises that help you apply the concepts to your own life and training regimen and the opportunity to take an online test. If you pass the test, you will receive a certificate of successful completion of my first ever online courseÉ one of the most important courses I’ve ever designed because it sets the foundation for everything else that you will do in regard to personal defense.

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8 thoughts on “New Counter Ambush Training book & home study course”

  1. Just finished the third DVD in the Counter Ambush series. Very near the end you talk about using gross motor skills to get a firearm back in battery. The conclusion was to, “Use fine motor skills whenever possible rather than gross motor skills.” (At least as near as I can remember.) I backed it up three times. Is my brain in a fog tonight or should that have stated the opposite?
    Great information. Thank you

  2. I finished the test. Missed 6 on the first try, went back and watched all dvds again and reveiwed the book scored 100% on second try. Great information! Same ideas work in unarmed self defense classes. An ambush is a an ambush, armed or not. Hope to train with you soon! Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Just completed the Counter Ambush course – 3 wrong first try..outstanding material that I am applying to martial arts classes as well. Thanks for the great information and looking forward to start taking the Combat Focus Shooting program.

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