I.C.E. is sending 300 Free Spree Attacker Response DVDs to Teachers & Schools

2735In December 2012, I.C.E. Training Company developed the School Attacker Response  Course to provide teachers, schools and students with the basis of a proactive response plan for killers in schools. The development of SARC was precipitated by questions from I.C.E. Alumni who were parents of school age children in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre on Dec 14th.  Within days of that tragedy, I taught the first group of students under the program. At the time, the student seminar was called “Spree Killer Response Course”. The attendees of the first session were school aged children, 7 to 17.  Soon after the first session we posted a 13 minute video with highlights from the course and the response to the information made it clear that a more formal program would be valuable to the community. We are now ready to send hundreds of free complete Spree Attacker Response DVDs to teachers & schools!

During the first two quarters of 2013, the program was spun up and dozens of sessions were run for students, faculty and students. We also ran several Instructor Development Courses across the United States and certified a few dozen SARC Instructors. This program was conducted at 100% no cost to attendees, instructor candidates and the schools themselves. It was important to me that the program share as much information as possible without being a revenue source for I.C.E. or any of the certified instructors. Over the past 10 months, I am very proud of the program and the responses it has received from teachers and parents.


During the early part of the year, we sent out a large number of our “Active Shooter Response” DVDs at no charge to teachers who requested them. The truth is that this DVD was primarily developed for those who would be armed and find themselves in the midst of a spree killing event. Although there were a few chapters that would apply to unarmed people, that DVD wasn’t perfect in regard to the audience we were trying to help.

Now we have a more appropriate DVD as part of the PDN Library and I want to send THREE HUNDRED of them to teachers and schools all across the country… so I need your help to spread the word!

As of today, any Teacher, Faculty Member or Parent can visit the FREE SPREE ATTACKER RESPONSE DVD webpage and arrange for the shipment. As we required when we sent out the first DVD, the delivery address must be a school. For parents interested in sending a DVD to the staff of your child’s institution, we will send the DVD to the Attention of “Principal” or “Superintendent”. When you request your DVD, there will be a $4.95 charge for the packaging and shipping.

I have been very proud of the entire training communities response in the past year to assist school systems in moving beyond the “hide & hope” lockdown strategies and put proactive plans in place to save the lives of more students and teachers when killers strike our schools.  The information in the Spree Attacker Response DVD is not school specific, but is based entirely on I.C.E. Training’s School Attacker Response Course, designed specifically to give teachers, students and faculty members what they need to form a responsible plan of action.  The DVD Chapters are listed here:

1. Introduction
2. Evolution of Proactive Strategies
3. Evade
4. Barricade
5. Respond
6 Training to Respond to a Spree Attack
7. Demystifying the Gun
8. Close

Bonus Segment: Using a Fire Extinguisher as a Defensive Tool

Please help us to spread the word to teachers, parents and faculty across the country… I intend to get these DVDs into the hands of people who need them before the end of the year and they are standing by to be shipped TODAY!



Rob Pincus


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  1. I would love to have a copy of this to learn and teach from. It would be great to show people I am teaching shooting and defense techniques to. I have a friend who does the same as well.

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