Oral IV Controversy, Part II

As I promised a couple of days ago, I am pushing to find the real answers to the Oral IV Controversy.
I extended an invitation to Dr. Anthony Beck, the creator of Oral IV, to get himself to wherever I was and participate in an extended interview/video session to explain exactly what Oral IV is, how it works & why it exists and also to respond to the recent detractors and attacks against the product’s legitimacy.

He agreed… ¬†and he got himself to one of the most remote locations on the tour (Leadville, CO) because of the urgency he feels in regard to clearing this matter up. In fact, he agreed to a lot more than just getting himself here. He agreed that there would be no script, no “reviewing of questions”, no review of the footage and no editorial input. My interest is in getting answers to the issues that have been brought up and Dr. Beck agreed to participate.

The first two (of 4) videos from today’s taping are posted already:

What is Oral IV?


How does Oral IV work?

I’ve believed that Oral IV offers something significant to our community. I’ve used it for over 2 years. I am personally very interested in the product and the truth behind it. While I was not actually selling the product until this week (after the controversy and attacks began), I chose to begin doing so because I DO use the product. It would be disingenuous to use it myself and not support its use publicly.

With pending studies, research and experiments, we will certainly learn much more about Oral IV in the weeks and months to come. In the meantime, I think that this series of videos with Dr. Beck will add much to the discussion that is currently going on.


2 thoughts on “Oral IV Controversy, Part II”

  1. Mr. Pincus,
    Thank you for putting up these videos. After watching them, I still find myself unconvinced by Dr. Beck’s arguments. His proposed mechanism (that the Oral IV electrolytes imparts their bioelectric energy to the cell membrane) is something I have never heard before, nor found any research on.

    A simple question to ask Dr. Beck is how he knows that his proposed mechanism is true (aside from live blood testing). He tells us that this is what is happening… but where is the proof of that it is true?

    1. Jim,

      I would send that question directly to Dr. Beck at Oral IV.

      Nothing he says appears to violate any known principles. If he has truly developed something new, of course you would never have heard of it before.


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