Oral IV Controversy, Part IV: Dr. Beck answers the critics… and more.

Not surprisingly, the critics of Oral IV are digging in their heels. One understandable criticism that surfaced in a few places is that I am saying that I have “no dog in the fight”, but I am selling Oral IV on my website. The fact is that I started selling Oral IV just this week to show support for a company that I felt was being unfairly attacked and for a product that has worked for me. That said, it is too easy for the critics to say my motivation here is not actually to get to the truth, but to turn a profit. I assure you that the amount of money to be made off of the Oral IV inventory in my online store is not going to change the world (nor justify the time/effort/energy being expended this week to get these answers), but for the time being I am going to  donate ALL of my profit from Oral IV sales to a charity supporting disabled veterans. It is late and it has been a long day… I’ll pick one tomorrow. Meanwhile, back to the point of this post:

The primary reason that I devoted a full day to the video sessions with Dr. Anthony Beck, the creator of Oral IV, a couple of days ago was to get answers. The answers that I wanted for myself also seem to be the answers that a lot of other people curious about the product (especially those who have used it) also want:

What is Oral IV?   This was addressed in Video #1.

How Does Oral IV Work? This was addressed in Video #2.

What about the stuff that all the critics, attackers, detractors and competing product representatives are saying?

These questions and issues were not nearly as easy to deal with as the first couple of questions. The reality is that, given the choice, there were some issues that Dr. Beck would just as soon not have talked about or need to deal with. Personally, I didn’t care.  Over the last few days, some have seen me as the “Defender of Oral IV”… let me assure you that I am not. I am on a quest to find out the truth. The things that the detractors were saying in regard to Oral IV (especially Wendt and Morrison) always seemed out of place, as they were really showing that they didn’t understand what Oral IV was claiming to be, let alone what it might actually be doing. I spoke at length to Ian Wendt earlier this week and believe him to have been sincere in his efforts to expose our community to concerns that he had. (I can’t say the same about all the detractors… read more about that HERE). My interest in talking to him was to find out what his core concerns and questions were… and it turns out that we had some overlap. In addition to some miss-steps in marketing and the concern about the vagueness in the mechanisms at work in Oral IV, Wendt expressed a great concern about the perception that some people were under that Oral IV was a complete hydration solution all by itself… with no other substances (including water, even though the packaging of Oral IV itself clearly recommends taking with water). By the time we had talked, several days before Dr. Beck and I met in Colorado, the Oral IV website had been changed to clear up this issue. Dr. Beck admits in this video that mistakes were made and states that Oral IV is a new product that, while completely safe, has gone through some typical growing pains. After my conversation with Wendt and after talking to a few other detractors, a few medical professionals and thinking about my own concerns as a user and (recent) retailer of the product, I had a list of questions together. Early collaborators, similar products, homeopathy, the World Health Organization’s recommendations in regard to dehydration and many other topics were going to get covered.




Dr. Beck and I spent about 4 hours taping on the 20th of June. I let him go first, without interruption or question, to create the first two videos that were posted as quickly as possible that evening. This video, which is over one hour long and the taping of which was interrupted by a short lunch break, was much more cumbersome to edit and get uploaded via mountain town WiFi. I expect that very few people will actually watch the entire thing, relative to the shorter videos in this series. But, for those really interested in Dr. Beck’s answers to the hardest questions and most troublesome issues in this controversy, I believe it offers important insight and some solid answers.

The Entire Video is here: Dr. Beck answers the critics… and more.


2 thoughts on “Oral IV Controversy, Part IV: Dr. Beck answers the critics… and more.”

  1. Dr. Beck has come up with a theory of why Oral IV works – despite all the hyperbole, he has not shown any evidence to support that it works the way he actually says it does. He basically says that studies are planned/ongoing – but shouldn’t they have been conducted before he started making his claims that his theory was fact?

    Somewhat paradoxically, Dr. Beck references Dr. Robert Crane, the discoverer of the SGLT transporter – which are found in the GI tract. So how does Dr. Crane’s research have anything to do with Dr. Beck’s idea that Oral IV is absorbed through the mouth?

    The addition of Zinc to ORT has nothing to do with Zinc’s charge potential – in the patient population (i.e. pediatric diarrhea) that ORT is used in, patients are deficient in zinc, which decreases B and T Cells, particularly helper T-Cells. Additionally, zinc is a K+ channel blocker than prevents Cl- over-excretion that we see in cases of cholera. Lastly zinc itself makes up many of the enzymes that stabilize the cell membrane.

    Yes atoms have a certain frequency – but programming it? That is really, really far out there.

    1. The issue of medicine not needing to go through the digestive tract seemed pretty clear to me, I don’t think it had anything to do with Crane’s research into hydration.. two different things.

      Yes atoms have a certain frequency – but programming it? That is really, really far out there.

      I agree with you on that!

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