PDN 2.0 is coming!

As I alluded to last week, one of my projects is about to take a huge leap forward:

Personal Defense Network is planning a major expansion of services to the firearms community in general and, especially, our Premium Members!

PDN is already established as the highest quality collection of online training information… scores of video clips and articles are available at our website for free and our Premium Members have access to even more information from our team of contributors, including full length streaming DVDs from our library of over 70 titles. Every facet of personal and home defense is covered by expert instructors who are all actively teaching in the industry. Now, PDN 2.0 will expand and improve in a variety of ways, including new offerings for instructor development for the professional training community, new content focused on females, law enforcement and youth, and industry-first initiatives in distance education.

As part of this project, I have accepted the position of “Executive Director” with Personal Defense Network, which means that I’ll be devoting even more time to PDN and it’s development, as well as having more direct influence on the user experience and how we work with our contributors and industry partners to bring you the information you are looking for. The formal press release is below.

67908_4555159959413_2077894504_n Keep an eye on this blog, all of our social media and, of course, personaldefensenetwork.com to learn more about these improvements over the next several months!

If you’re aren’t already subscribed to PDN, head over to the website now: It’s Free to subscribe and you’ll be directly tuned in to all of the great training information we send out every week. If you like what you see, consider upgrading to the Premium Member Experience!



Rob Pincus Named Executive Director of Personal Defense Network


Bexley, OH – Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program has taken on the role of Executive Director of Personal Defense Network® (PDN). In his new role, Pincus will lead the development of PDN’s newest content offerings, instructor development for the professional training community, new content focused on females, law enforcement and youth, and industry-first initiatives in distance education.

Pincus will be key in the launch of “PDN 2.0,” a behind-the-scenes technical expansion of the PDN online platform expected to dramatically boost the user experience. It is an accelerated plan to bring new benefits to PDN Premium Members and platform visitors, as well as a means of expanding the network in new directions.

“Nobody in the personal defense training industry does more to make defensive training accessible, affordable, and applicable to the masses than Rob,” said Tom Durand, PDN Executive Vice President. We look forward to his input and guidance in defining the scope and execution of this industry’s next big thing, and we’re thrilled to have his commitment.”

Pincus is currently leading the 2014 PDN Training Tour, which includes stops in more than 30 cities and ends in August.


About I.C.E. Training Company

I.C.E. Training is a full service company offering training to armed professionals and those interested in self-defense. I.C.E. is owned and operated by Rob Pincus, the developer of the COMBAT FOCUS® Shooting program and The Personal Defense Video DVD Series. I.C.E. offers training in firearms, tactics and unarmed defense as well as consulting services for range operations, instructor development and training program management. For more information about I.C.E. Training Company, visit www.icetraining.us.


About Personal Defense Network

The Personal Defense Network® (PDN) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TN Marketing, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offering professional instruction to those serious about preparing and arming themselves for defense in every aspect of their lives.  PDN is focused on being the leading provider of high-quality personal defense video content and editorial on the Internet, including Combat Focus® Shooting, an intuitive shooting approach developed by PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus.   In 2013 PDN provided an average of 240,000 average monthly visitors the high-quality information they sought and members viewed over 6 million minutes of personal defense demonstrations, tips, and techniques online. For additional information visit www.PersonalDefenseNetwork.com.

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