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Personal Defense Network is the best online resource for training videos and articles thatI am aware of. Since 2005, I have been working to create the most comprehensive collection of high quality  training video through our DVD Series and in 2010, we began adding articles to the mix through the PDN Site. During that time frame, we have produced over 70 DVDs, hundreds of web clips and posted scores of articles. I have recruited some amazing instructors to contribute to the project, all of whom I consider experts in their fields. Those experts have included Craig Douglas, Mike Seeklander, Ken Murray, Tom Givens, Marty Hayes, Dr. Robert Smith, Alessandro Padovani, Kelly Muir, Chris Collins, Omari Broussard, Mike Janich, Mike Hughes and many others. We have covered topics ranging from Unarmed Defense, through Home Security to using a Knife in a defensive situation and, or course, produced a significant amount of defensive firearms shooting and tactics content.

Usually, when I mention “PDN”, I don’t do much more than put out a generic link to the main website.  Over the last year, I have also encouraged people to learn more about our Premium Membership, which offers access to even more video content, including full length DVDs, through a password protected Members Only area of the website. I honestly believe that the annual subscription to PDN Premium, which costs about as much as a typical training DVD, is one of the best values in the industry. Factor in that we are currently offering a free 3 pack of Training DVDs when you sign up and it is a no-brainer!

Today, I am specifically wanting to call attention to the videos that we have made available  at our PDN Youtube Channel. This channel has existed as long as the site and, of course, is free! We post many of our training videos on YouTube for added exposure in the hopes that people find value and end up at the website looking for more of the same. Some of these clips are created just for the web, but many are excerpts from our library of Training DVDs. Sometimes we put out clips that were taped very recently and other times we will post clips from some of our early videos. There are a few video clips that I wanted to call your attention to today. Check them out and let me know what you think. If you like them, head on over to the Personal Defense Network website and look for more of the same! Watching one of these videos each day will get your brain thinking about your safety and training and, ultimately, make you more capable of avoiding and/or surviving a worst case scenario.

Anticipation of the Need to Shoot.

When Should you Use your Sights in Defensive Shooting?

Using your Personal Medical Kit.

Training with your AR Rifle “from the sling”.

-Managing Editor of Personal Defense Network.