School Attacker Response Course being formalized through a coalition of Instructors nationwide.

I.C.E. Training Company is working with a coalition of instructors nationwide to begin offering the “SARC” program to schools in 2013. More details will be made available soon.

School Attacker Response Course … Cost $0

This seminar is being offered for free by a coalition of professional personal defense instructors to public school faculty and staff in order to give them practical alternatives
to the “Hide & Hope” strategies that are commonly being provided.

The seminars last from 2-3 hours and can be taught during or after school hours.

Topics include:
Overview of typical School Attacks
Escape & Evasion
Improvised Defensive Tools
Empowering Others to Act
Unarmed Defense
Group Defense Response

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School Faculty Administrators should Contact I.C.E. Training Company  for more Information.