Two Free Video Clips & More, for people who work in Gun Free Zones… How to stop a Spree Killer.

In response to a huge outpouring of requests for information, training and assistance from teachers and parents across the country, Personal Defense Network and I have taken a few steps to try to help:

First:  Here are a couple of free clips that were taken from our Active Shooter Response DVD… these clips are actually two chapters from that DVD that pertain to being Unarmed in the midst of a Spree Killing:

1. Unarmed Responses

Description: “Rob Pincus discusses the importance of mindset and simply taking action of some kind when you are trapped in a spree killing event and need to act, even when unarmed. It isn’t necessary to have a firearm to significantly affect the ability of a mass murderer to continue killing. Furniture, tools, everyday items and even just a mass of people willing to take action can stop a murderer. Thinking about this ahead of time and determining that you will act is the key to stopping a killer, even without a firearm.

2. Picking up a Dropped Gun

Description: “Rob Pincus reviews the most fundamental operation of a firearm in a way that can be shared with those reluctant to get formal and thorough education in the use of a firearm for personal defense. Teachers, medical professionals and others who work in areas where being armed is impossible could find themselves attacked by armed murderers and also have the opportunity to use a dropped firearm to defend themselves or others. Sharing fundamental information ahead of time could empower them to stop a deadly spree killing.

Second:    Earlier today I offered the entire Active Shooter Response DVD for FREE to any school teacher who wold send me their name and At School Mailing address for delivery. In addition to obviously wanting to put that information in the hands of people that it will help, I purposefully want to send it to teachers at their schools. I want to cause a change in the way that teachers and administrations look at the problem of spree killers and prepare to deal with them. I want to end the “hide & hope” strategy that is often all teachers are told to use. I had several people respond to the offer who ran day care centers, martial arts schools and even firearms training academies. I appreciate the interest from those parties as well, but they were not the target market. For everyone who isn’t a teacher willing to have the DVD sent to them at school, I dropped the price of the dvd to $10. It will remain at that price for the foreseeable future.

Third: I am in discussions with various school representatives around the country looking for a district to step up to the plate and host a 3 hour “Spree Killing Response Seminar”. Once we get a couple of these done and recorded, I will be producing a DVD which will be made available to school administrators for free. Again, in order to create change and start difficult conversations within administrations, I.C.E. Training Company will cover all expenses associated with these seminars, but they need to be Officially sanction events, advertised/promoted to all faculty at the school and they must take place at the school. The seminars will feature aspects of Securing a Classroom, our “EHBACR” Fundamental Defense Tactics plan, Improvised Defensive Tools, Demystifying the Firearm and other practical tips and techniques that teachers can use IMMEDIATELY if they find themselves in a worst case scenario. As much as may agree that armed and trained teachers would be a huge step forward, I believe sincerely that we are so far from that step as a universal solution across the country. For that reason, the SKRS will focus on unarmed responses.

Here are some excerpts from a School Attacker Response Course that I conducted for a group of children, ages 7-17 on 12/18/12.

Fourth: I am offering a limited number of FREE slots in Combat Focus Shooting courses to Public School Teachers who are actively carrying defensive firearms at school. I realize that this is a very limited number of people, but the idea is to help those who have already taken the steps to be armed in schools. More teachers need to fight for the right to carry at work. I am willing to provide the training, but they have to take the first steps. I am interested in changing/causing the conversations and policy changes at the administration level in as many schools as possible. Interested teachers should contact me at

Please help me share these opportunities and resources.

Thank You,

Rob Pincus

11 thoughts on “Two Free Video Clips & More, for people who work in Gun Free Zones… How to stop a Spree Killer.”

  1. Sent this link to my mother whos a teacher at a high school Rob, Hope she takes interest in it and shares with other teachers. Keep up the good work Rob

      1. I am an administrator. My e-mail is
        My shipping address is 105 west Bell Street Yates Center Kansas 66783. I am collecting all the research and data at this point. I would like a DVD and any other data that you can help with.

  2. Hi Rob,
    I am a security monitor at a high school in Mich. Would appreciate a copy of “Active Shooter Response” to give to my administrators.
    They have the concept is that “it won’t happen here” and it frustrates me to no end. Keep spreading the word as will I.

  3. The administrator at my daughters school approached me today asking me to put something exactly like this together. How timely of you! I have forwarded this page to her and hope to watch it with the staff at school. Thanks man. I will buy it if they don’t order it for some reason, just to thank you.

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