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2017 Shooter’s Summit Virtual Training Conference

This event has been going on for the past week and has featured 31 Shooter Instructors, Experts in Armed Defense Topics, Competition Shooters, Shooting Community Influencers and Personal Defense Educators covering a wide variety of topics. It’s FREE! I get that this is a holiday weekend… you probably have a lot going on… but, take an hour or ten over the next couple of days to learn from some outstanding educators while you can. I have long been an advocate of training conferences for having a huge “Bang for your Buck” factor… and it doesn’t get much better than 12 Sessions for ZERO BUCKS.


Last night, we conducted the first LIVE Broadcast from Personal Defense Network and it went really well! A couple of weeks ago, we started soliciting questions via email and social media. By yesterday morning, the Team at PDN HQ in Minneapolis had collected well over 200 submissions and went to work sorting through them to find …

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