Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors launches Online Courses!

After several months of development, the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors (ADSI) has launched it’s Virtual School and first distance education course for instructors. This course, on how to teach Intuitive Sighted Fire, is the first of what will eventually be the highest quality collection of Defensive Shooting Instructor Development Courses on the Internet. It consists of video lecture, downloadable documents and video taken during actual classes demonstrating the teaching methods being advised.

valhalla_e_a002392875The ADSI Online School is one of the centerpieces of the organization. Launched last spring, ADSI exists to promote continuing education and professional development across the entire community of those who teach defensive shooting. ADSI Members include military, law enforcement, private security and civilian instructors. ADSI was founded by leaders in the firearms training community with well over 150 combined years of experience and tens of thousands of students between them… hundreds of thousands if you count their influence through books, video and television.  The initiative was inspired by response to the Tenets of Professionalism, first shared at an industry event in early 2012.

Several members have already taken the first course and earned their certificates. Feedback on the course content has been very positive.

“Passed it. Looking forward to more! Good stuff…” -Tony E.

“The info was good.”  -David W.

“It was a good course, I enjoyed it.”  – Eric F.

The course is being offered to members for only $1.99 as a special offer for the launch of the online school, which was delayed from the originally anticipated opening during the second quarter. Normally, the tuition will be $19.95. The reduced price offer is good through the end of the month for all existing and new members of ADSI. You must be a member of ADSI in order to take advantage of the Online School. You can learn more about ADSI in this video or in this article.

The ADSI Virtual School is designed to provide world class instructor development information efficiently to members of the organization. Rather than waiting for and traveling to a class, members can learn anywhere, anytime.

Several more courses are in development for ADSI Members. If you are interested in contributing to the ADSI Community with an article, video clip or even your own distance education course, contact ADSI at:

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