Coast-to-Coast Instructor Development Opportunities from I.C.E. Training Company

Practicing to actually teach the information is a major component of I.C.E. Instructor Development Courses.

This April, I.C.E. is offering both the Defensive Firearms Coach Certification Course and the Combat Focus® Shooting Instructor Development Class.

Omari Broussard will be teaching CFSID in Phoenix, Arizona and I will be teaching the DFC program in South Carolina.

CFSID is a 5 day program with a pre-requisite of having attended a CFS end user course. At this course, students will gain a better understanding of the core principles and concepts that underly the CFS Program and learn how to run the drills and teach the concepts included in the 1 and 2 day versions of the CFS Course. They will also have the opportunity to test for certification and continue working towards joining the team of Active Instructors in the program. I recently completed a two back to back CFSID Courses, finishing the most recent one last week in Minnesota at the Gander Mountain Academy. GMA offers I.C.E. Training Company programs through their staff, which includes I.C.E. Certified Instructors, at all locations around the country. I posted a video discussing the courses, including thoughts from Gander Mountain Staff Members, earlier this week on Youtube.

The Defensive Firearms Coach is an entry-level instructor under I.C.E. Training Company. Students in this 3 day course will learn the basic concepts and methods we teach to those just getting started in defensive pistol skill development as well as the tactics and scenario specific information that we teach to those interested in either Home Defense or Concealed Carry. DFCs are Certified to teach two courses when they successfully complete their testing: the 4-6hr Fundamentals of Home Defense and the 6-8hr Fundamentals of Concealed Carry. There are no formal pre-requisites to attend the DFC Course, but it assumed that all attendees will have a working knowledge of firearms and shooting.

Many attendees of CFSID, including those with advanced college degrees, have said the the week is the most intense academic experience they’ve had.

I feel very strongly that Instructor Development Courses should be about increasing the amount of knowledge one has and their ability to share that knowledge with others. Being able to teach through explanation, not just demonstrate or read from a lesson plan, and tailor any course to the specific needs of a student need to be the focus of the professional teacher. All I.C.E. Instructor Development Courses are focused on increasing the student’s understanding and their ability to teach, not merely getting them certified.

I.C.E. Certified Instructors actively teach defensive shooting and related courses around the United States in law enforcement agencies, military units and the private sector. I.C.E. Training and CFS, Inc. support their activities with continuing education and professional development as well as supporting their business success and program growth.

Teaching others to teach allows us to expand the reach of our programs and increase the availability of quality instruction to all those interested in developing their ability to defend themselves or others. Whether you are an experienced instructor looking to add to your knowledge or someone interested in learning to teach defensive shooting for the first time, I hope you’ll consider attending one of our programs.


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