I.C.E. Training Company joins the Sheepdog Seminars Team


I am extraordinarily proud to announce that I.C.E. Training Company is joining the Sheepdog Seminars Team!

Beginning next month, Combat Focus Shooting Instructors will be present at all Sheepdog Seminar events around the country representing the program, offering training materials and discussing Intuitive Defensive Shooting with attendees. Sheepdog Seminars are headlined by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, author of On Killing and On Combat. Grossman’s message  to attendees is powerful and important. His Bulletproof Mind presentation, the product of years of research and thought on issues of violence and self-defense, revolves around choosing to become your own first responder and begins with a journey that starts with changing your mindset. Bulletproof Mind was originally developed for the law enforcement and military community.

Dave-Grossman-Bio“As the Sheepdog Seminar family continues to grow, we’re honored and delighted by the addition of  industry icon Rob Pincus, I.C.E. Training Company and the Combat Focus Shooting Team,” said Lt. Col. Grossman. In his foreword for Counter Ambush, Lt. Col. Grossman had this to say: “If we measure the Grand Master Black Belt by his skill, his number of students, or by his impact and/or leadership in the field, then in any and all of these areas, Rob Pincus measures up to the standard as he trains Americans to be truly prepared.

kenmurrayKen Murray, world renown expert in Reality Based Training,  is a co-founder of  Sheepdog Seminars and has been working with Grossman since last year to launch this ambitious project. “Working on this project has provided an outstanding opportunity to help bring Lt. Col. Grossman’s information to the general public and work with several guys that I’ve respected for a long time,” said Murray, “the team of industry leaders that we’re putting together will be world class. The idea is to recruit the top guys in various fields in order to optimize response options for responsible citizens when seconds count and the police are minutes away.”

Eventually, the plan for Sheepdog Seminars is to evolve into multi-day events that will allow for the presentation of information from the entire Sheepdog Seminar team. This will create an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to learn cutting edge information in a variety of areas related to personal defense. You can keep up with the latest news related to Sheepdog Seminars at their website.

As part of the team, I join Gander Mountain Academy , John Farnam of Defense Training International, Sabre Red and several other notable Affiliates, many of whom I have worked with on several great projects in the past. I am very excited about the potential for this program to help people understand their right and responsibility of personal defense at a deeper level and learn about the best ways that they can prepare to deal with their worst-case scenarios.

The next Sheepdog Seminar, and the first to include an I.C.E. Training Company presence, will be in Orlando on April 6th. Click HERE to register and use or discount code “icesheepdog”  at checkout to save 15% on your entry fee, or sign up three or more people and use “familyplan” for a savings of 30%!

-Rob Pincus
-I.C.E. Training Company

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  3. This is fantastic news for the Sheepdog seminars. There will be great synergy here and everyone will benefit! I look forward to the next seminar to see the changes!

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