Rob Pincus brings School Attacker Response Course to North Georgia

The Cornelia Police Department organized a School Attacker Response Course on Monday evening at the Habersham Ninth Grade Academy in Mt. Airy. The course was presented by Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training, the course developer. There was no charge for the course to the educators or school system.

Approximately 30 teachers attended the course. The Cornelia Police publicized the course availability throughout seven counties in North Georgia so attendees came from several different school systems in the region.

Mr. Pincus stated that the purpose of the course is not to establish policies for school systems. Nor is it intended as a broad scope program for prevention, deterrence, and profiling of possible attackers. Rather, the course is designed to present concepts and principles that are more effective than the “hide and hope” strategy commonly advocated. The intended audience is teachers who could be faced with the immediate threat of a school attacker, in the extremely rare occurrence of an armed school attack.

The principles presented were:

  • Evade
  • Barricade
  • Respond

In addition, “demystifying the firearm” and an appropriate “stimulus response pattern” were covered. Mr. Pincus pointed out that firearms stop working, either because they run out of ammunition or because they jam. He stated that if the teachers took nothing else away from the program, having at least one stimulus response pattern in mind is critical. He described it as “when the gun stops working, that’s the time to act immediately.”

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