(Video) Rob Pincus on “alternative” ARs during the inventory drought…

Now is not the time to be picky about buying your first AR.

There is a drought of inventory in the stores, at the distribution warehouses and even in the parts bins of the major manufacturers. Meanwhile, interest in owning ARs is at an all time high.


If you’ve got 4, 5 or 6 ARs in your collection, now is a good time to either wait or look at some alternatives to the normal “go to” brands like Daniel Defense and BCM. Prices are high and wait times are long. There is really no need to pay $2000+ for a rifle that you wouldn’t have given $1500 for last November. I honestly believe that well within a year, we’ll see the market correct and things be back to some form of normal in the AR market (guns, magazines and ammunition!).


Meanwhile, if you are trying to buy your FIRST AR Type Rifle, you shouldn’t need to mortgage your home to do it. There are some “second string” ARs on the market that are great options at reasonable prices, especially if you are willing to scrounge parts and learn to build-your-own. Companies like  GWACS Armory, Palmetto State Armory and Allstar Tactical are here to help… along with your local gun shop!

Check out this video  I taped this week at Black Wing Shooting Center for my thoughts on the topic:

Alternative ARs and DIY during the Drought