Rob Pincus radio appearance on the “Buy Back America” show 2/6/2013

Here’s a recording of a radio show I did yesterday. RJP_BBA_Radio2_13

When I listened to the recording, I noticed an awkwardness to the very end of my time on the show. Buy Back America is a very right leaning conservative show. The last question I answered had to do with how America was being divided by some states enacting laws in an attempt to pre-empt any future federal firearms regulations being enforced. My answer lead me to call for less division and, specifically, for people who are talking about gun rights to stay focused on gun rights. I even reminded the host (and anyone listening) that gun ownership has nothing to do with “conservative” and that there are plenty of democrats and social liberals who own guns and that we needed to keep that in mind (and include them as gun owners with a valid voice) as we fight for our cause. I honestly think the host was at a loss for words.

Compare this interview on the BBA show to my Interview on NPR earlier in the week. There was definitely a different feel in the two shows and their approach to providing information to their listeners.

Thanks much to Freedom’s Voice Media for the chance to speak on the issue of Gun Rights & Responsibilities and to  for providing the recording!


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  1. When I click on the RJP_BBA_Radio2_13 link I don’t see a link to the media file. Is there a plugin that’s suppose to be there or something?

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