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Six Tips for Defense in Gun Free Zones at PDN!

Gun Free Zones are an everyday reality for many people. Hardly anyone is entirely immune to them. If you have kids in school, if you fly on commercial aircraft, if you travel overseas, if you drink alcohol, if you travel frequently in the U.S. and don’t carry a badge, and/or if you don’t let your gun …

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Comprehensive Self Defense, Part 1…..

This is the first in a series of articles that I am writing for Personal Defense Network. The series intends to be a complete overview of Self Defense from the proverbial “50,000 foot view”. The audience is both those new to self defense concepts as well as those already engaged in actively looking out for …

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PDN 2.0 is coming!

As I alluded to last week, one of my projects is about to take a huge leap forward: Personal Defense Network is planning a major expansion of services to the firearms community in general and, especially, our Premium Members! PDN is already established as the highest quality collection of online training information… scores of video …

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